Spa Trends to Recreate at Home

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There is hardly a more relaxing experience than spending a day — even an afternoon — at the spa. Massages, facials, wraps and soaks help soothe the body and mind, allowing you to forget your stresses and let go of your tensions to find a safer, saner existence.

While you can’t always make it to the spa, let alone afford the top-of-the-line treatments every weekend, you can recreate some trendy spa experiences at home. Here are four of the most popular and cutting-edge spa treatments and how you can DIY them from your master bathroom.

Crystal Therapy

Crystal healing is a tradition that dates back to several ancient cultures, from Mesopotamia to Ancient Egypt and India and even Greece and Rome. Through the ages, crystal healers have attributed a number of metaphysical properties to different minerals and gemstones, and even today, many people believe that beautiful stones can impact their emotional and physical wellbeing in certain ways.

In the spa environment, crystal therapy is used in conjunction with other treatments, like massage, facial treatments and aromatherapy, to provide a sense of holistic healing. At home, you can invest in a few crystals of your own, like clear or rose quartz, amethyst and moonstone, and use them whenever you feel the need for extra pampering. You should keep your crystals cool and fully charged by moonlight. After a bath, you should allow your crystals to rest on your clean skin, so they can impart their positive energy.

Cannabis Meditations

Research has found that regular meditation can have both psychological and physiological benefits, such as lower stress levels overall, more compassion for others and longer life. Many people prefer meditating with a guide in a spa because the calming environment promotes mindfulness, and many spas are beginning to offer meditation with cannabis, which can help enhance focus and provide deeper relaxation.

If you want to have a cannabis-led meditation at home, you need to prepare properly. You should get the right strain from your favorite Denver dispensary — one that energizes and allows focus without too much THC. It might be wise to start your meditation before you dose, so you can be sure your mind and body are in the right space. You should also keep your dose low, so you aren’t tempted to zone out or fall asleep during your meditation.

LED Treatments

After more than a year with low social contact, many people are hesitant to experience prolonged physical contact with strangers. As a result, a number of low- or no-touch treatments have emerged, and LED treatments are among the most popular. There is some evidence that different kinds of light, like ultraviolet light and infrared light, can stimulate the cells of the skin in different ways, promoting different types of growth and healing.

When it comes to using light therapy at home, you need to be careful. Light might be able to heal, but it can certainly cause damage when applied improperly. You should consider investing in a safe LED therapy mask, which will create light in the right spectrum for the right amount of time to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Digital Detoxification

Most people find it essentially impossible to avoid the digital space in this day and age. Regardless of whether you work on a computer, you likely interact with digital media all day on your phone and all evening on your TV. All these screens can be bad for your mind and body, and it is important to peel yourself away every once in a while to recenter your thoughts and build strength.

You could pay big bucks to go on a day- or weekend-long digital detox at a spa retreat, or you could organize your own digital detox at home. Using a time locking container to hold your phone, your TV remote, your laptop and other digital devices, you can give yourself a few hours or days to unwind your body and recharge your relationships.

You don’t have to visit a spa and spend hundreds of dollars to enjoy the latest and greatest spa treatments and therapies. With the right equipment and the right mindset, you can achieve relaxation, rest and repair at home. 

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