Stay. Play. Relax: A stunning Italian coast

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The idyllic Amalfi Coast stretch dotted with thirteen historic and picturesque towns overlooks the clear turquoise Mediterranean waters is one of the most popular tourist destinations after Rome and Florence. As many as 5 million people each year visit this UNESCO World Heritage coastline to dive into its waters, savour the serenity of the Amalfi coast lemon trees and vineyards, explore its historic archaeological sites and towns and sample its authentic cuisine. Based on your travel style and budget, we have narrowed a list of the essentials you need to stay, play, and relax on this stunning Italian coast. 

Stay: Best Towns and Hotels

Conca Dei Marini 

The best towns which make for the perfect bustle-free and distraction-free retreat are Conca Dei Marini and Praiano. Conca Dei Marini is a small cottage-like village and has a few inhabitants. Many of the cottages border the cliffs, the very same which descend in the Emerald Cave, which is renowned for its greenish-turquoise waters and underground nativity scene. 

Staying in Conca Dei Marini

Hotel le Terrazze is the most picturesque and complimentary staying location in Conca Dei Marini. Almost all of the rooms offer a balcony view to the forested cliffs it is perched upon, and the vibe is laid back and simple. The Emerald Cave and the Amalfi Cathedral are just 6 km away from this hotel. 


Praiano sits between Amalfi and Positano and is much quieter than these bustling spots. A peaceful village with whitewashed houses, Praiano is also considered the perfect romantic getaway due to its stunning views of the bay of Positano and the Island of Capri. It is equally fun for hikers, and the renowned Sentiero Degli Dei trail begins from this town. 

Staying in Praiano 

The Hotel le Fioriere is the best option to stay in Praiano as it offers a view overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. With simple rooms and a laid-back vibe, the hotel also offers a free grill and bar and free parking to its guests.

Play: Restaurants & Shops

La Brace, Priano

Situated on the main street and between Amalfi and Positano, La Brace is a delightful pizzeria and seafood spot for the locals. It offers rooftop views of Positano and the sea, and the food itself is decent and reputable. They can cook any type of pizza and even with gluten-free bases. 

Piazza Duomo, Amalfi 

The bustling main square of Amalfi is the Piazza Duomo which gives the perfect opportunity to shop exclusive Italian goods around every corner and is even a better spot for foodies with plenty of cafes and bars located. 

Relax: Views 

Villa Rufolo 

If we are to narrow down the most spectacular view in all of Amalfi, it would be the Villa Rufolo which is the most postcard-like. This jewel of Ravello is engulfed in lush gardens, has its interactive museum inside, and offers the most panoramic views of the sea. It is also the location of the annual Ravello Festival which brings all the locals together.

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