The Best Reasons To Start A Blog

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Having a blog has several great advantages, not just for you personally but for your career. Many use it as a stepping stone for better business, or sales. 

An organic traffic generator

This will generate important, even very important traffic for your website. In particular, traffic which is particularly interesting, namely organic traffic. In other words, people will find you on google. They will discover your articles, and therefore go directly to your website. This approach is completely different from advertising, in that with advertising you are going to have visitors to your website only when you pay. So if you stop paying, no one will come, thanks to the advertising. Whereas with organic traffic, once you start jumping into it, once you start getting it, it’s going to drive you traffic on a regular basis.

Know that an article for me is a kind of stone that you will add to your building, namely your website. So the more solid stones you are going to have, therefore quality content, the better it will be. Then the more likely you are to attract organic traffic to your website. That way people can see if there is a new blog from Maddie and Sara for example.

Retain an audience

Another element. Thanks to a blog, you will be able to retain an audience. The objective will then be to convert one-off visitors into regular visitors, and then convert them into customers. Building an audience is all the more important if you are not a new business.

Increase its visibility

Thanks to your blog, you will be able to increase your visibility. Indeed, most of the time when we are on the internet and we do a search on google, the results we find are often on websites that contain blogs that we did not necessarily know before. Therefore, a is a very good marketing tool to allow you to gain visibility, in order to subsequently be able to convert visitors into customers. It allows you to be more efficient

Help to gain authority

For me, the role of a good blog is to bring value and help to visitors. The objective is therefore to help visitors to your site first, by answering a question or a problem they have. Subsequently, if your help and your answers are relevant enough, you will acquire a kind of expert status. You will then be able to capitalize on this expert image, to transform visitors who have specific needs into customers.

A platform you have control over

One of the big advantages of having a blog is that it is a platform that you are going to control. Unlike social networks, for example Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. All these platforms are extremely powerful but know that you are not the owner at any time. Therefore, if for some x or y reason these social networks decide to terminate your account, you risk losing everything. If for example you have a Facebook page with a lot of members, and Facebook decides to close the page, you will not have much leverage. Whereas, when you have a blog, you can post your articles, which you will publish on your website, with hosting that you have chosen and a domain name that you have purchased. 


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