The Importance of Thank You Notes

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Writing thank-you notes or sending thank you cards is a traditional form of communication that we have lost. All we seem to do is send a text or, for business purposes, an email. But that isn’t personal! It’s exciting to get something in the mail that is fun and interesting instead of stressful and boring.

Obviously, sending thank you notes for gifts or kind gestures received is simply the right thing to do. But, while most of us probably tend to just send our thanks digitally, there are many reasons to put effort into a handwritten note over, say, a quick text, email, or Facebook message. So, get away from technology and get a pen and paper.

It’s The Right Thing To Do

Manners seem to be teetering on the edge of extinction, and emojis can only express so much. According to Margaret Shepherd in The Art of the Handwritten Note, to express gratitude properly requires a little effort. “Your thank-you note should recapture the smile, handshake, or hug you would give the giver in person,” she says, “and offer it in a form that can be read and reread.” She goes on to say that a good thank-you note has five distinct characteristics: generous, specific, prompt (but never let lateness stop you from writing at all), succinct and personal.

Handwritten notes are also a way of connecting on a more authentic level.

They’re Good For Businesses Too!

Thank-you cards can also generate loyalty to your business. Thank-you cards make people feel special, exactly the way they feel when they’re loyal to a company. Make the people your business interacts with feel valued, and they’re likely to think of you first when they need your products or services. They’ll also be more willing to speak favorably about you to their family members and friends. Positive word of mouth is important for business success, as 92 percent of consumers say they trust suggestions from family and friends more than advertising.

It Sets You Apart From The Rest

Heather Wiese, the owner of Bell’Invito, luxury stationery in Dallas, told Guy Trebay of The New York Times, “If you want to stand out, to be more polished, probably the easiest thing you can do is write that thank-you note.” These are wise words, and she stresses that while social media texting and email are all appropriate methods of communication, they also look the same as every other thank you message and email. Whereas a thank-you card or note sets you apart from the rest!

Gratitude is Good for You!

In the Science of Us, Dr. Christian Jarrett talked about a brain-scanning study published in NeuroImage, “which brings us a little closer to understanding why these [gratitude] exercises have these effects. The results suggest that even months after a simple, short gratitude writing task, people’s brains are still wired to feel extra thankful.” The psychological benefits of writing a thank you note are fantastic, as well as making someone else happy. You are making yourself happy!


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