Things to Know Before You Take a Trip to Sedona

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Sedona is one of Arizona’s most impressive tourist destinations, yet also manages to get overlooked by plenty of travelers because the state has so many other incredible things to see and do.

Thankfully if you are interested in arranging a visit to Sedona, you will be in for a treat! All you need to do is consider the following tips and your trip should be an unforgettable one.

Book ahead to avoid disappointment

There are a whole host of fun things to do in Sedona, from surveying the eye-catching scenery of Bell Rock to following the Broken Arrow Trail.

However, it is important to be properly prepared from an administrative perspective, and while you could take a risk and turn up at certain locations and experiences without booking in advance, it is better to avoid the likelihood of disappointment altogether and instead arrange everything thoroughly.

Of course not every landmark that Sedona has to offer needs prior booking, but even so you should still check to see whether there are any events or other issues that might disrupt your planned visit.

Visit in the cooler months

Arizona is a hot, dry state, and it is really not that easy to recommend visiting any time between May and September, because the daytime temperatures are sweltering and even after the sun has set the heat continues to radiate from the rust-red landscapes.

If you want to do some outdoor exploration and you would prefer not to have to constantly seek shelter in air conditioned vehicles and buildings, then visiting Sedona during the spring is sensible. Ideally a trip in March will give you the best chances of avoiding the blistering temperatures which might otherwise limit your enjoyment of your trip.

Pack appropriately

The things you take with you in your luggage when heading to Sedona will very much depend on what you intend to do during your stay, but it is safe to assume that you will need some form of protection from the sun whenever you are there. High factor sun screen as well as a hat and cool, breathable clothing should be essential in the summer, and will still be necessary during the spring, autumn and winter months.

If you are planning to hike the many natural wonders, take appropriate footwear and remember to bring plenty of water with you. If in doubt, consult experts who know the area to get additional advice on any outdoor excursions you venture on.

Arrive early

The beauty spots of Sedona are becoming increasingly popular, which means that the parking facilities that are closest to them tend to get overwhelmed with vehicles during peak periods. Because of this, it is best to begin your days as early as possible, preferably getting to hiking hotspots before 8am to avoid the crush that occurs a little later than this.

Even if this means getting an early night, you will be thankful when you realize that you have beaten the crowds, rather than getting caught up in the chaos.

Be prepared to operate without relying on your phone

If you expect to be able to use your smartphone when visiting Sedona, unfortunately this is not really an option you can rely upon, because of how isolated most of the attractions of the area can be.

To account for this, make sure that you have added maps to your device which are downloaded locally so that they can be accessed for navigation even if there is no network coverage.

Finally, just get out there and have fun on your trip to Sedona, as it really will be an experience that you remember forever.

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