Tips For Planning The Ultimate Girls Weekend Getaway

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Going away with your girlfriends is the perfect opportunity to unwind and get away from all your responsibilities and workload. It’s a chance to connect with individuals who you adore and are just like you.

If you’re in charge of planning a girl’s weekend getaway then review the following tips and pieces of advice so that it’s a memorable trip. Planning the ultimate girl’s weekend getaway will take paying careful attention to the details so that you all enjoy yourselves and are all pleased with how the vacation plays out.

Identify the Purpose of the Trip

One tip for planning the ultimate girl’s weekend getaway is to identify the purpose of the trip. It’ll help you organize the rest of the details around the excursion. For example, maybe it’s for a birthday, a bachelorette party, or just for fun. Ask around and find out what your girlfriends need and what they want to get out of the trip. It may help you come up with the right ideas about how to spend your time. However, don’t overwhelm them with options. Tell them they can leave planning out the rest of the details and logistics up to you.  

Think About A Per-Person Budget

It’s also wise to set a per-person budget so you don’t get stuck with all the bills. Make sure you understand how much it’s going to cost everyone and that they’re aware of these details before you book a trip. Once you set the budget then stick to it and don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable or be surprised. Remember that you not only need transportation or a way to get to your destination but also money for accommodations, food, and activities as well.

Consider Your Guest List

You want your ultimate girl’s grip to be fun and exciting. Therefore, you’ll want to bring the right group of girls with you. Consider your guest list and who might be a good fit for going on your particular trip. While you don’t want to leave anyone out intentionally, you also don’t want any drama or arguments. Think about if you want it to be a large gathering or a smaller and more intimate group and setting. You want it to be the right group of girls but also a manageable size. You then may also want to choose someone who’s going to help you plan out some of the details if you need assistance or additional ideas.

Travel in Style

Another tip for planning the ultimate girl’s weekend getaway is to choose to travel in style. For instance, if you’re flying to an exotic location then consider booking private jet charter services so you have an enjoyable time in the air. It’s convenient, a way to set your group and yourselves apart from the rest, and a unique and personalized experience that will be unforgettable. Your girlfriends will be talking about it for years to come. It’ll minimize the number of hours you spend traveling and will give you the luxury of being able to fly with your group. Consider having gifts ready to go to offer each of your guests as well when they step aboard.

Choose the Right Accommodations

You’ll also want to make sure you choose the right accommodations for your girl’s group and trip. You want to find a place that will promote togetherness and will be able to handle your group if you get a little loud and rowdy. Look for accommodations that allow you to be together and hang out. For instance, you might want to rent a private house or villa instead of staying on different floors of a hotel. Confirm there are enough bathrooms for everyone and that there’s plenty of space for people to spend some time alone if needed. You might also want to have a kitchen for preparing your own meals some days.

Plan Fun Activities & Events

You can plan the ultimate girl’s weekend getaway by having a long list of fun activities and events to partake in. What you do may depend upon the occasion you’re celebrating and the location you’re in. However, the goal is to make sure you have an itinerary and know what you’ll be doing each day. You might want to focus on trying new things and having adventures and experiences you can’t have back home. Think about what you’ve done in the past with your girlfriends and try to mix it up this time around. You can schedule in a little tradition but also keep it fresh and exciting as well. You’ll want there to be plenty of entertainment and for people to feel engaged in the weekend.

Make Time to Rest, Relax & Unplug

Although you should have a schedule of daily events, you don’t want your group to be too tired to have fun. Therefore, make time in your days to rest, relax, and unplug. Encourage your girlfriends to put their phones away or down and not work if possible. You want to make sure you’re present and connecting and having a good time. It may help to plan a spa day where you all go get massages and facials and can truly relax. You might also want to book accommodations with a pool or near a beach so you can spend time by the water. Remember that not everyone may be a morning person so avoid starting each day’s events too early.

Focus on the Food

Not only eat well and plentiful but also eat often while you’re on your girl’s trip. You can have the ultimate vacation by making sure everyone is well-fed. The food will be an important factor in how the overall weekend goes. You should not only plan out the daily meals and dinners but also have snacks and drinks ready to go. Some might enjoy a fancy brunch while others prefer a five-course dinner. Mix it up by offering some casual meals buffet style and some that are more upscale. Consider cooking certain meals at your accommodations and other times going out for food.


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