Tips for Setting Up a Home Gym

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Lockdown restrictions may be coming to an end in various countries around the world, and that means freedom is approaching for many people. The pandemic completely changed the way we live our lives and took away lots of the things we hold dear, but it wasn’t all bad. With so much more time on our hands, we had time to do more of what we love. For lots of people, it also gave them the chance to get in shape and get fit. For others, the pandemic highlighted how we can be more efficient. 

We all know that exercise is integral to staying fit and healthy, but post-covid, many of us were too busy to think about our fitness, let alone finding the time to go to the gym. This encouraged many people to set up a home gym and start exercising from home. Now we’re moving out of the pandemic, this is something a lot of people are keen to keep doing. 

If you haven’t already set up a home gym but are keen to do so, here are some tips you can use to get things going. 

  1. Choose an appropriate space

The limits of your home gym will largely depend on the space you have available. A garage is an ideal space to create a gym because it’s downstairs and will typically have a fair amount of space available. You also have the option to add in gym flooring that works with your equipment, such as resin or concrete. 

Whilst a garage is the best-case scenario, not everyone has one. A spare room can work just as well for a gym, although you may be more restricted in terms of the equipment you can use. A lot of gym equipment is heavy, so do bare this in mind. 

  1. Buy equipment you’ll use 

Your home gym doesn’t have to replicate a public gym. Firstly, you won’t have the space to (as mentioned above), and secondly, you won’t have a never-ending budget. Another thing to consider is the fact that you probably won’t use every piece of equipment anyway. Everyone has their preferences, be it cardio or strength, circuits or equipment based.  You also have to consider buying indoor treadmills so that you can just run at home hassle-free.

Avoid a waste of money and only buy equipment you’ll use. Whether that’s a simple set of kettle bells or the full works for cardio, choose equipment that you’ll be motivated to actually use, otherwise you risk not using your home gym. 

  1. Choose the right equipment for your goals 

In a similar manner to choosing equipment you like using, you should also think about your long-term fitness goals. Even if you like doing weights, you will need some sort of cardio equipment if your goal is to lose weight. Alternatively, if you want to firm up and become more toned, you need to invest in strength equipment – even if you only like doing cardio. 

There are different variations of equipment, so it’s important that you do your research. For example, not all treadmills are built equally, so it’s worth reading a treadmill buying guide to figure out what’s best for you. The same goes for all types of equipment. 

  1. Don’t forget the accents

A home gym isn’t all about the equipment, you need to remember the accents, too. This means remembering things like fans/air conditioning, towel racks, music/television systems, seats and a place to put your drink. These are little things, but they will make your home gym feel more like a real one rather than just a room with equipment in it. 


We hope you found these tips helpful! If you already have a home gym, what are some tips you’d recommend?


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