Top Tips For Planning A Memorable Business Event

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Whether you are planning to launch a new product or simply want to re-engage with your customers after the pandemic, business events are a great way to raise your brand’s platform and bring in new customers. Furthermore, they can help you become a more established fixture in your local community, which could do wonders for your earnings moving forward.

However, these benefits are the product of good business events – as a boring or lifeless event is likely to turn customers away instead of drawing them in. With that in mind, here are some top tips for planning a memorable business event. 

  • Send out invites sooner rather than later. Whether you are hosting your event online or in-person, the more notice you can provide your guests, the better, as it increases the likelihood of them making time in their schedule to attend. However, you should also ensure that you send out a reminder text or email around a week before the event so that it does not slip their mind. Furthermore, sending out invites ahead of time is a great way to stay organized so that you do not have to put together an event at the last minute.  To make things easier and save time, you can send SMS texts in bulk to contact all your guests at once. You can even schedule your messages or set up an automation to send them at particular times.
  • Choose the venue. Many businesses choose to host their events on-site, but if you run a smaller company, this would mean a smaller event, which might not be ideal if you have a large invite list. Therefore, you should look into other local venues that could work for the event you are planning or host your event outside if the weather allows. 
  • Put together a menu. If you are looking to host a memorable business event, one of the easiest ways to achieve this goal is by putting together a killer menu – filled with delicious food and drink. However, if your skills lie outside the kitchen, it might be best to hang up your apron and hand the work over to the professionals. For example, you could look into Event Catering By Barrio Queen. This means that you can provide your guests with award-winning Mexican cuisine. 
  • Plan the entertainment. One of the biggest reasons that business events fail is due to the fact that they seem a little quiet or dull. Furthermore, guests are less likely to stick around if they aren’t entertained or having fun.  However, you can negate this by ensuring that you provide your attendees with plenty of entertainment throughout the night. For example, you could hire a band or DJ to play live music or even plan some games ahead of time to get conversations flowing. 
  • Put together a playlist. The right music can make or break an event – as it often has a significant impact on the atmosphere or how people are feeling. Therefore, you should ensure that you set aside some time to put together a playlist that works for your event. For example, if you run a health and wellness company, you might want to put together a playlist of relaxing, soothing music. Alternatively, you could encourage guests to add their favorite songs to the playlist upon their arrival. This is a great way to help each customer feel valued and respected as you are asking for their input from the word go. 


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