Vape Liquid Explained: Finding The Perfect E-Liquid

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When it comes to vape, finding the perfect e-liquid for you can be a challenge, and there are many things to consider when looking at vapes, such as the flavour, the VG/PG ratio, and the nicotine strength. You also need to consider the price and value for money, as getting a bargain may not work out in the end.

Our guide will help you understand which liquid is perfect for you. Once you have experience buying liquids, you’ll understand what is suitable for you and what you like, which will make it be a breeze to experiment with different vape liquids later on.  


Even though you know what flavours you enjoy when it comes to food and drink, and if you’re an ex-smoker, you know you enjoy the flavour of tobacco. However, choosing your vapes flavour can be more challenging than you expect with so many options available in the vaping world, but there are some popular flavours you can start with to help narrow down what you like and don’t like

For many people, tobacco flavoured vape liquid is precisely what they need, and most continue to use this flavour in the years following them quitting smoking. If you’re making the switch from smoking to vaping, tobacco flavours are a fantastic starting point on your journey as you find the perfect e-liquid. Tobacco flavours are also excellent for people that prefer their vapes to taste sweet, earthy, and strong without tasting like food or drink.

Another popular flavour is mint or menthol e-liquids. Many people who choose this flavour enjoy using their vapes all day and tend to stick to the favourite without much experimenting. A pleasant flavour that pairs well with whatever you are doing and is especially tasty at the end of a meal. 

When it comes to the other flavours on the market, which are not mint, menthol or tobacco flavoured, you may find it takes some trial and error to find the perfect taste sensation for you. Many people enjoy mixing their flavours to create a unique experience, and others find a favourite they can use exclusively. As vape companies get more creative with their flavours, there is always an outstanding array of choices to experience; popular food flavours are bubblegum, ice cream, and childhood sweets like rhubarb and custard. If you want to experiment with as many flavours and types of liquid you can check out AquaVape’s guide on choosing vapes.

VG/PG Ratio

VG/PG stands for vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), which are key components in vape liquid. When looking at which e-liquid is right for you, a ratio of 50/50 or one with a higher PG is better for those who are new to vaping; this is because vape liquids with higher VG need specialised hardware for proper use. Liquids with more VG are thicker and produce a much denser vapour, which is perfect for those who may want to begin professional cloud chasing. If you vape using the mouth to lung technique or require a liquid with high levels of nicotine, you will need an e-liquid that has an equal or higher rating of PG than VG. However, if you use the direct to lung technique, a vape liquid with high VG will be more beneficial and won’t cause coughing.

Nicotine Strength

When you vape, you have complete control of your nicotine intake, but it’s vital to get an e-liquid with the right nicotine strength if you’re an ex-smoker as you could suffer from cravings if the strength is too low. You can replicate the level of nicotine your body is used to when you vape, and it’s much less harmful than when you smoke. If you smoke 15 or more cigarettes a day, a good starting point would be to use vape liquids that contain 12 to 18 mg (1.2% to 1.8%) of nicotine. If you are using a vape device that requires direct to lung vaping, it’s essential that you use a low nicotine strength, such as 3 to 6mg (0.3% to 0.6%), to avoid discomfort or coughing. If you find yourself needing to vape more often than you smoked, your nicotine strength is too low and needs to be increased. 


When you smoke, you’re done when your cigarette is finished, but there is no set time limit with vaping. As you get used to vaping, you need to become accustomed to when to stop as you don’t finish your vape sessions like you would with smoking. Most people know when to stop by how they feel, as their cravings for nicotine subside. If you’re having difficulty with the change from smoking to vapes, experiment by counting the puffs you take; an average cigarette is only 8-12 puffs, so once you reach that, you know it is an excellent time to stop. 

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