What is Body Positivity and What It Is Not?

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Body image is an issue that has been spoken about in recent years. This issue has been highlighted after many young people lost their lives trying to fit into an image set by society’s standards. In fact, a few years back, size zero was a trend many people followed. celebrities promoted it, and teenagers got influenced by it quickly. Most people did not understand that these celebrities pay a huge amount of money to dietitians and trainers to look a certain way for their movies, but for a normal person to be able to afford those luxuries is impossible. It only led to more people ending up with eating disorders.

This trend was broken when the topic of inner beauty and self-love was highlighted. People were focusing more on how to have a glow up both internally and externally rather than just fitting into a dress size. People were more enlightened about the content of a fitter body than a leaner body. Girls started celebrating their cellulitis and upper-knee fat on social media that gave several girls the courage and motivation to do the same. 

Still, a few people have confused body positivity with completely ignoring their health; hence, we have clarified a few things you should keep in mind.

  1. Body Positivity Does Not Promote Obesity:

Yes, you should love yourself the way you are, but that does not mean you give up on a healthy lifestyle. You can love your curves, but if you are unhealthy, it is not good for you in the long run. Staying slim to look good is different than losing weight to improve your health, and several people have forgotten the difference. 

  1. Body Positivity is About Self-Love and not Selfishness:

Yes, pampering yourself is a great way to show self-love, but that means indulging in something that has a lasting effect on your body and mind. We should not confuse just indulging in something that only brings temporary happiness with self-love. That becomes a selfish act. Learn truly the meaning of loving yourself rather than obsessing about yourself.

  1. Body Positivity is Not Just a Physical Thing:

Body positivity may sound like a physical thing, but it is not. It is also a combination of both your physical and mental state. When we talk about beauty, it is about love, your inner self, and your outer self. You need to work on both of these.

  1. Accept Yourself But Change What Needs to be Changed:

It is great that you love clicking selfies of yourself now and love your body shape. You have accepted your cellulite and fat as well and do not let them come in the way of feeling like a million dollars. But that does not mean you should stop bringing changes in your life. Loving yourself the way you are should be the stepping stone towards loving yourself so much more than you do things to keep your mind and body healthy. Do not forget body positivity only promotes healthy living.

The Bottom Line:

Body Positivity is a movement that every individual who believes in can take forward. Making wrong sense out of it will only dilute its importance. Learning what really Body Positivity means will take this movement forward and help many people lead healthy and happy life.





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