Your Credit Card Got Declined? Here Are Some Reasons Why

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You’re at the checkout line, and you swipe your credit card, only to find that it’s gotten declined. You call your bank to see if there is an issue with your account – but surprisingly, they tell you everything seems fine. 

What could be wrong? Here are a few reasons why a credit card may have gotten declined.

You Reached Your Limit

Credit cards have a limit, which is usually between $500 and $1000. If you’ve reached your credit card limit, then the bank will decline any new transactions that go over it.

There is a Hold on Your Card

If you’ve been a victim of fraud, then your bank may be holding the card to make sure that the theft is not repeated. If this is the case, you can get help with iso payment processing for your transactions from a trusted law firm. 

Missed Payments

When you miss payments, the bank will automatically decline any future charges. Unfortunately, your account will also be closed, and any rewards you may have earned with the card will expire.

The CVV Code is Incorrect

When you’re entering the security code on a card, it must match what’s on file. Some cards have four digits, and others may only have three – but they all require an error-free entry to process transactions.

Insufficient Funds

If there are not enough funds available in your bank account to cover that charge, then their system will decline any new charges until money has been added back into the account. 

In this case, adding more income can help, which could lead to better credit scores over time! It also makes sense for anyone living paycheck-to-paycheck since many people rely on their credit cards to make ends meet.

The Company You’re Purchasing with Has Declined the Transaction

Some businesses will decline certain transactions – such as if you are in debt or don’t have enough cash on hand for the purchase, so it’s best not to use your credit card for these types of purchases.

Your Network is Down

If your internet connection is interrupted, that can cause issues when processing charges through an online store, which usually results in declining any new transactions. If there was an error during payment validation, then try again! It should work now when you resolve the network issue

Here are some ways that you might be able to salvage a declined credit card:

Get Cash from an ATM

You’ll need at least $40 to get any funds this way. If there isn’t enough available balance in your account, then you’ll have to pay a fee for using another institution’s machine (usually around $20). 

However, the best option is generally getting cash back instead of taking out additional funds, so this method shouldn’t cost too much.

Switch to Another Credit Card

If you have a different credit card available, the charge may go through if your bank declined the transaction because they didn’t approve of the company or type of purchase. You’ll need to call them and explain why you want to switch cards, so be aware that there might be an associated fee for this service. 

In conclusion, declined credit card transactions should be a rare occurrence. However, there are plenty of reasons why this could happen, and it’s essential to know how you can salvage the situation before your account is closed down.


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