5 Fun Bridal Party Ideas Leading up to the Big Day

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Your wedding day is probably the only day you’ll see family members, friends, and childhood besties gather to share a moment with you. It is the only day you’ll get to see your grandma share a dance flow with your college bestie or a childhood neighbor, and since their main objective is to support, finding a way for them to bond promises a unique experience ahead.

Now think about the women you’ve chosen to stand by your side right from planning to the successful culmination of your big day. From your sister to your high school best friend to your college roommate. Do they know each other as they all know you? High chances are they probably don’t. It is a good idea to ensure that they get acquainted with each other before the actual celebrations set in, and there are several fun ways to go about it:

  1. Make Dress Shopping an Event

Making sure that the bridal team looks as fabulous as you do is important and making them part of wedding dress shopping makes it more exciting. Bridesmaids dress shopping can be overwhelming as you’ll be dealing with different budgets, different body types, and style preferences. 

So whether you pick green bridesmaid dresses or a more neutral color, you can still creatively make the shopping process fun and less stressful. After many searches and online scrolling, take time to visit a local dress boutique as a team. In person shopping saves you time and guesswork as there are no misleading filters when you see a dress in person. 

  1. Plan a Mani-Pedi Day

You need the perfect look on your wedding day, and this look is not completed by dress and hair alone. The fine details on nails are equally important. Wedding manicures and pedicures shouldn’t be last-minute activities. You can book ahead of time and have it done a day or two to your wedding day. It’s an opportunity for you and your bridesmaids to play around with your look, and you can choose classic, elegant, or even fun and quirky styles.

  1. Spend a Night In

Before any form of anxiety hits you ahead of the big day, you need a sleepover with your girlfriends. Picture this, a night full of laughter, a movie marathon, fun games and some pieces of random advice from your crew—this is all you need in your memory album. 

Think of similar fancy robes to rock on a night in. This is not just any other night to be caught up in random pajamas, so be choosy and coordinate color blending for fancier photos with your girls. Get psyched up for a movie marathon. Choose movies that will leave you laughing at the end of the night.

A night in is also a perfect time to try out fun and crazy games with your girlfriends. Play games that would bring fun facts that your crew had no idea about. Try Bachelorette Bingo which is a favorite of many, and this features a set of fun dares for you and your bridesmaids. 

  1. Plan an Event with the Groomsmen

A celebratory night or weekend trip with groomsmen can also be a perfect chance for you to talk about how it’ll all go down on your big day. It’s also a nice way to bond and take a break from the ups and downs of wedding planning and can come in the form of a simple dinner or attending a concert together. 

  1. Go to a Paint and Sip Night

There are tons of art venues that host paint and sip nights. Pick an art studio and choose a painting event you may be interested in from their calendar and sign up to book a slot for you and your friends. You can even plan for a bridal theme beforehand at some studios.

At the paint and Sip event, you’ll be asked to paint a masterpiece, sing along with your favorite music, dance, or just relax and have good times. Everything is provided for at the event, and therefore, all you need is to show up. You’ll also have a chance to grab a glass of your favorite wine and connect with your bridal party.

Make More Memories

As a bride, it’s nice to ensure members of your bridal team know one another. Bringing them together can also be an avenue for you to get best advice, and as they meet, they’re able to keep up with details of your dream wedding. Doing activities together will ensure that your bridesmaids develop a bond, and this also gives them memories to keep, aside from the big day ahead. 


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