5 Tips For Creating An Alluring Female Physique

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Everyone has a different idea of what the perfect body looks like, but the only opinion that matters is your own. Tying to get your ideal body can be especially frustrating if you’ve hit the gym every day for the past three months and haven’t gotten the results you were expecting. Whether that’s because your ideal body is not your natural body type or you have curves in all the wrong places, there’s nothing wrong with changing the way you look. 

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1) The Golden Ratio

It may come as a surprise to know that the epitome of female beauty doesn’t come down to how slim the waist is or the number on the scale. Evolution has determined the ideal female body type has a waist to hip to shoulder ratio of 1:1.5. Why? Because wide hips, a flat stomach, and broad shoulders are all signs of a woman’s fertility. The good news is that this ideal ratio is attainable. Focus on exercises that strengthen the shoulders and tone the glute muscles.

2) Skip The Slow Warm-Up

Many people are told to walk ten minutes on a treadmill before getting down and dirty with their high-intensity workout, but what if that’s no longer necessary? There have been studies that show stretching before exercise can actually lead to a higher incidence of muscle strain and injury. Skip the pre-workout apprehension and dive right into the running, jumping, squatting, and lifting.

3) High-Intensity Work Outs

High-intensity workouts burn fat quickly. Dr. John Berardi, an Olympic trainer, and expert in sports nutrition had women do high-intensity workouts on stationary bicycles with shocking results. Every single woman he was training had an unnaturally high rate of fat loss in the glutes and thighs. Try working the stationary bicycle into your workouts. Couple this with some chest presses and you’ll be well on your way to hitting that golden ratio.

4) There’s No Such Thing As Spot Reduction 

This myth has been debunked for a while now, but there’s still no shortage of personal trainers on the internet and the real world advertising that they personally know the secrets on how to contour the female body to perfection. Don’t believe them. Scientifically, it’s just not possible. There are workout routines designed to optimize fat burn and increase muscle mass that will lead to a more desirable body, but as far as spot reduction goes, it’s a myth.

5) You Can Lift Heavy Without Getting Bulky 

Many women are afraid to lift weights out of fear they will look too bulky or even masculine. Good news, ladies. Women don’t produce enough testosterone to build up the right amount of muscle mass for that to happen. Lifting weights are great for fat loss and will firm and tone the body for that alluring, athletic look.

Persevere And The Results Will Follow 

It’s far too easy to give up after a month of a new workout routine and diet and go back to the old days of staring bleary-eyed at the TV while demolishing a bag of chips, forgetting all the while about the body of your dreams. Even if you’re in a workout slump or have reached a weight loss plateau, keep going. Remember, this is a lifestyle change. A healthy, active lifestyle will not only make you look better but will also make you feel better.

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