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7 Ways To Smash Your Gym Goals

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Whether you’re looking to achieve Hercules status, or just tighten yourself around the tum, it can be tricky to reach those gym goals. If you’re a sucker for setting your targets, hitting them hard, and then falling off the wagon and losing all hope, then fear not! Follow our top tips below and you’ll be smashing those goals in no time!

Use Supplements

One of the easiest ways to reach your goals in a faster time is by introducing supplements to your routine. There are tons of varieties out there and it can sometimes be overwhelming. Work out what results you want and then use a one-stop-shop such as Steel Supplements to purchase all your products in one place, with different product stacks to for a more well-rounded supplement experience. That way you’ll have a little bit of everything you need to hit that target in record time!

Stay Consistent

As the old saying goes ‘consistency is key’, and it’s true! You can’t expect to become hulk overnight.  Without a decent amount of effort, you won’t see the results you want. You may have had a bad week and eating some crappy food and neglected your gym membership – we’ve all been there! Sticking with it and getting back into your good habits will pay off, just don’t lose your focus, and eventually, you will achieve your goals.

Stay Hydrated

H2O is vital for our body’s function, but it’s one thing no one seems to ever get enough off. Without enough water our muscles are unable to function properly, leaving them weak. It carries nutrients and minerals to our muscles so that they work better, which means that in turn, you can train harder. If you’re useless at getting enough water, use an app or set reminders on your phone to glug down at least 8 glasses a day.

Eat Well,

While it may seem obvious, eating well is essential to reaching your gym goals. You can’t out-train a bad diet so make sure that you’re eating a well-balanced diet. Essential macronutrients such as carbs, healthy fats, and protein will give your body the right fuel to train properly. Despite all of the low-carb diets being touted in the media, carbohydrates should actually make up around half of your daily calories if you’re working out regularly. Ensure you’re loading up on whole grains such as brown rice, rather than takeout pizzas or unrefined sugary cereals. Good fats can be found in salmon, avocado, and cheese, whilst lean meats, eggs, and dairy products are packed with protein.

Meal Prep

Eating well is one thing, but having the time to do so can be difficult. If you hit the gym four times a week and then live off takeout, then you need to be realistic about reaching your fitness goals. Meal prep is a super-easy way to always have nutritious and delicious meals on hand with no extra effort. Carve out some time at the start of the week to bulk cook yummy meals and then portion them out into individual containers. This will help you stay on the wagon and not be tempted to reach for the local Chinese menu.

Indulge In a Cheat Meal

Whilst eating well is vital to a great workout, treating ourselves once in a while is vital to staying on track in the long term. If you starve yourself of all things naughty, you’ll be more tempted to give up quicker. Have one cheat meal or snack per week, just ensure it’s ONE thing. Frequently overindulging will delay you from your goals so be strong and have the one doughnut, not the whole dozen!

Find A Friend

Accountability is super important so finding a friend to train with you and eat a similar meal plan will mean you have someone else to answer to. On those days you feel like skipping your workout and dining out instead, you’ll be less likely to, as you won’t be able to leave your friend stranded in the gym training alone. Same for when you feel like reaching for a burger, you’ll have someone to call to talk you out of it. A little healthy competition never goes amiss, so set small goals to reach with your friend. If you both have step trackers you can see who does the most in one day, or see who can swim the most laps in the pool.

Are you trying to smash your goals in the gym right now? Share your top tips in the comments for other readers to try!


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