A Short Guide to Moving to Tennessee in 2021

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Tennessee is a State in the South which has an undeniable charm to it. The birthplace of country music and home to the cosmopolitan cities Nashville, Memphis and Knoxville, there’s plenty to see and do when living in Tennessee.

Here is a short guide for those thinking of moving to Tennessee in 2021.

Where Should You Move to in the State?

Tennesee is a rather large state, you may ask yourself the question where should you move to in Tennessee? That mainly will depend on the pace of lifestyle you want to lead. For younger people, you may prefer the hustle and bustle of the urban areas and hotbeds of activity such as Nashville, Memphis, and Knoxville which is home of the famous University of Tennessee. Nashville is home to a range of bars, restaurants, live concert venues, nightclubs and so on. Those seeking a slower more chilled out pace to life may prefer to opt to live in one of the many quieter communities in rural Tennessee. There are miles of beautiful unspoilt farmland in Tennessee ideal for those who prefer enjoying living amongst the serenity of nature rather than lots of people.

Transport and How to Get Around in Tennessee

In the concentrated urban areas and the immediate surroundings in the state there’s public transport on offer such as buses and trains. However, if you want to see much more of the state, and venture on trips outside it you will need to have a car and drive. When looking for a car In Tennessee, check out the EchoPark used car dealership in Nashville with a range of vehicles in reliable working order that are only 1-4 years old.

The People of Tennessee 

One big question you may have prior to properly moving into the state is what are the people of Tennessee like? Friendly, loving, and neighbourly are some great ways to describe the people from Tennessee. The local residents are community spirited and tend to be only too happy to provide a helping hand and advice to newcomers to the state. So, make an effort and get involved by joining community social groups when settling into your new home in Tennessee.

What is the Traditional Food in Tennessee Like?

Nashville hot chicken is a delicacy that is close to the hearts of anyone who grown up in Tennessee or near to Nashville. Its flavour is mainly recognisable by its hot kick and distinctive cayenne pepper seasoning. But in some food outlets in Tennessee, you will come across milder adaptations of the dish. There are a variety of top restaurants across the state of Tennessee, after all it’s a big area.

Airports and Catching Flights in Tennessee 

When living in Tennessee, at some point you may start wanting a break or a much needed vacation, and thankfully there are multiple airports to choose from in the state. Major airports in Tennessee which fly to destinations across the globe include Memphis International Airport and Nashville International Airport. McGhee Tyson Airport is also an airport which offers domestic flights to destinations in the U.S such as Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Charlotte. 


Deciding to back up your bags and relocate to Tennessee is a decision you will not regret. It is a great place to settle for people of all sorts of ages, and a top place to raise a family in a safe, secure warm environment.

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