Art Supplies You Won’t Regret Adding To Your Collection

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If you regularly enjoy creating art, you probably already have quite the collection of art and craft supplies already. However, like most artists out there, you can never really have enough supplies, especially when considering just how many unique, new creations are constantly entering the market. 

And the more you have in your supply collection, the more exciting projects you can start. The type of supplies you have will dictate your limitations when creating art and crafts projects, which is why most artists are constantly adding to their collections. 

From a selection of handy graffiti art marker pens to high-quality bristle paintbrushes and exceptionally intriguing watercolor pencils, you really won’t regret adding these items to your art and craft supply collection. 

Graffiti Markers

There are various types of graffiti markers on the market. And while you won’t really need all of them, you won’t regret investing in a graffiti marker set. You’ll find paint markers and ink markers in this category of art markers, and while they’re great for creating street art and murals, you can also use them on paper and canvas, or anywhere really. 

An Extensive Brush Collection

No matter how many paintbrushes you already have in your collection, you’d probably agree that you always need more. Brushes don’t last forever, and every artist knows that there’s something special about un-boxing new quality brushes. 

Consider squirrel hair paintbrushes in various sizes or sable hair paintbrushes. There are tons of different bristle options, and while some are more suitable for oil paints, others are made for watercolors or acrylic paints. 

Artists Watercolor Pencils

Watercolor pencils are not really new on the market, although if you have not yet tried these great pencils, you’ll find them pretty intriguing. You can use watercolor pencils as regular pencils and then brush over your work with a bit of water to create the watercolor effect, or you can dip each pencil in water and use the pencil as your brush. 

Charcoal Pencils

Creating art with charcoal is also not a new idea, and if you’ve never worked with charcoal, you won’t regret investing in a set of charcoal pencils to further tap into your creativity and surge your inspiration. 

Charcoal is a unique medium that many artists adore. And it’s also a pretty easy medium to work with. Although you will need the right paper and sealer to ensure your work doesn’t smudge over time. 

High-Quality Oil Paints

If you’ve ever worked with cheap oil paints, you already know how frustrating these can be. Instead of being a bit frugal on your oil paint, you should invest in high-quality brands and build a collection gradually as your budget allows. 

The higher the quality of the oil paint, the better your work will come out. As a result, quality is something that should never be compromised when purchasing art supplies. And the same is accurate when it comes to paintbrushes, charcoal pencils, and all other types of art supplies. 

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