Buy The Right Midi Keyboard With These Useful Tips

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If you’re thinking about getting a new MIDI keyboard, you might be confused about what to look for. A good controller keyboard is an important instrument in your music studio. You can plug it into your laptop and upload live music as you play directly to your computer. First, you need to decide on a few factors before you choose the right one. Here are a few tips that can guide you before buying the right MIDI keyboard for your musical needs.

Number Of Keys

The MIDI controller keyboards come in all sorts of shapes, weights, and sizes. Some models are compact, enabling you to carry them easily for your jamming sessions. These include 25-key, 37-key, and 49-key controllers. These keyboards are great if you’re just starting or in your intermediate levels. It will also make a great music accessory if you don’t play the keyboard and want to expand your tunes. Larger keyboards with more keys like the 61 and 88-key require the use of both hands. Professional piano players like the bigger models for more advanced playing.


There are three main types of electric pianos. We get it, all of them look just the same, but you have to distinguish the type that fits your requirements. To find out the right one for you, you need to consider a few things: your budget, a comparison of best midi keyboards for reference, your playing style, and the place where you’ll put the keyboard once you make the purchase. A controller will play sounds using software on your computer without producing them itself. It’s inexpensive, and you can easily upgrade the software online, so it’s like always having the newest model of keyboards.

A keyboard, on the other hand, produces sounds on its own and can also be connected to your laptop. However, it costs more than a controller but is considered a musical instrument. The electric piano resembles the real thing with the advantage of being able to connect it to your laptop as well. The downside is that it’s bigger than the other two and much more expensive. Explore all the options and find out which device is the most suitable for your music style.

Touch Sensitivity

This factor depends on your preferred style of playing. Some keyboards are sensitive to touch, which means you can control the volume of the produced sound by how hard or soft you hit the keys. Other keyboards mimic the effect of a grand piano, which are called weighted action keyboards. With these, you need to hit hard on the keys just as you would with a regular piano to produce louder or softer tunes. Weighted action keyboards cost and weigh a lot more than touch-sensitive ones, but they’re the closest to mimicking a real piano.

These are just a few pointers to get you started when you get your first MIDI keyboard. You’ll find a variety of sizes of MIDI controller keyboards. Some keyboards have mini keys, which are not different from ones with regular keys except for their compact size as they can easily fit in your backpack. However, some people are not comfortable playing the mini-key version, so it depends entirely on your fingers’ comfort level. If you’re getting the full-size model, make sure to get the right dimensions that can fit your place before you go shopping for MIDI keyboards.




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