Healthy and fast muscle recovery with the UFC champion: Nate Diaz

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Nate Diaz is not the only one. Even Bas Rutten, Yair Rodriguez, Joe Shilling and other athletes have spread in the way the sport uses a viable alternative, effective and natural for muscle recovery and increased absorption of painful physical trauma. 

We all know that ice packs, compression, and rest are good ways to recover from workouts. But what if there was a more practical alternative? 

Today we are telling you about CBD oil in sport and its many benefits, using Nate Diaz as an example. Besides, you can learn more CBD benefits for the brain and body by clicking here

CBD oil in sport 

Whether you are a professional athlete preparing for high-level competition, a weekend warrior with a passion for sports, or a regular gym-goer, recovery is a vital aspect of your training. 

Not only to ensure more frequent training sessions, but also to avoid injuries. Anyone who has ever exerted maximum effort during an exercise session will be aware of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), a severe pain that persists for the days following exertion. 

Why are muscles sore? 

DOMS is a sign that the muscle has worked. Again, let’s use bodybuilding as an example: muscle growth, otherwise known as hypertrophy, is achieved by working on a muscle initially with a certain intensity. 

A fairly heavyweight, 

a certain number of repetitions and an adequate time under tension will cause micro-lesions in the stressed muscle as prompts the body to adapt by increasing the size and strength of the muscle to cope with the external loads placed on it. 

Soreness experienced after a tough gym session or sports competition is the result of muscle damage and inflammation. The inflammatory response is the process by which the body ultimately heals, but the symptoms of this physiological process can be detrimental to training. Many athletes will take steps to counter the inflammatory response, reduce recovery time, and improve healing. Known methods such as ice and compression help drain blood from the site to be recovered, thereby reducing pain and the number of inflammatory molecules reaching the area. 

Despite the various methods already tried by almost all athletes, there is a new method in the world of sport that has emerged thanks to some professional fighters of the UFC circuit listed above and thanks to many NFL players. 

It is used a lot in sports where the muscles require a lot of effort, which will turn into fatigue, which will lead to inflammation and muscle pain. 

Many sportsmen, not just fighters, have begun to use CBD oil consistently and with excellent results.

Natural and safe hemp metabolite 

CBD oil appears to have its unique place in the pantheon of recovery tools. This cannabinoid has become famous in recent years thanks to new scientific research showing its healing potential. As a result, massage therapists and physical therapists have begun to include CBD oils in their treatment tools. 

What science says about CBD 

Short-term muscle recovery from acute inflammatory response symptoms can be achieved by reducing the expression of this response. The anti-inflammatory action of CBD is being studied today, and research is showing great promise in this field. 

Although research on the effects on human muscles is yet to be explored, in vivo animal studies have so far painted a clear picture of what the molecule might be able to do. Combining this scientific evidence with anecdotal reports from athletes (UFC and NFL) creates a strong case for CBD as a muscle recovery agent. 

A 2015 article published in the journal Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry discusses studies showing the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD and its analogues. 

Oral CBD was found to be helpful against oedema (swelling caused by fluid) and hyperalgesia (increased sensitivity to pain). Both oedema and hyperalgesia are two symptoms of inflammation. 

Athletes are noticing that CBD oil is beneficial in several ways. Used before a workout in the form of oil, this cannabinoid can improve performance. 

In addition, CBD can contribute to muscle recovery after exercise. Consequently, CBD has the right requirements to become an essential supplement for every athlete. 

So, what are you waiting for to start using the best CBD oil from the best online CBD stores throughout Europe and the UK?

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