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How Laminated Fire Doors can make your home safer and stylish

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Laminated fire doors are a very cost-effect fire-resistant doors solution developed to protect people from the spread of fire and smoke. They are designed to protect numerous commercial and residential uses, such as office buildings, schools, colleges, hotels etc.

Why Laminated Fire Doors?

Laminated FD30 Fire doors are a great option for those who want a durable door, that is much easier to clean than a Solid core FD30 Fire door. Laminated fire doors are also much lighter than solid core fire doors, so will easily fit through existing doorways with minimal renovation. Laminated fire doors give you the peace of mind that comes with having a modern-looking FD30 Fire door, as well as not taking up too much space in your house or business.

Don’t compromise on style

Do not compromise on style when choosing the right fire doors for your home, this is why grey fire doors are a superb option. Laminated fire doors are made of three layers of materials, where the inner layer is made of a highly insulative material. Durable and long-lasting, these fire doors can help to minimize heat transfer between rooms.

Advantages of using fire doors

In the field of construction, fire doors are used to keep the room that is meant for fire prevention safe from any kind of fire. Many people waste money on buying expensive furniture and decorating their homes instead of investing in a simple fire door. They have no idea as to why it is important and how much it can save them.

Fire doors, when compared to other types of doors, are considered to be very important for the reason that they control the spread of fire. Often, fire doors are used in hotels and office buildings to prevent the spread of fire.

Installing Laminated Fire Doors 

Keeping your fire doors in proper working order is important to ensure the safety of those who work inside as well as those passing by on the outside. It is always recommended to have your doors fitted by a professional to not only ensure your fire doors function correctly but that they also comply with building regulations although you can find some guides online.

An intumescent strip, or fire door seal, is a fire-rated material that has been manufactured to expand when exposed to heat. It may be made from crepe rubber or synthetic materials like urea formaldehyde and melamine resin. Found around the edges of a fire door, this expanding strip forms a tight seal as soon as a fire breaks out. This helps prevent smoke and fumes from spreading into the surrounding area and prevents any flames from passing through the door. As a result, the chance of an escape becoming blocked decreases significantly.

Highly functional laminated doors are great for several areas of the home. In addition to fitting in well with an open plan environment, they can also add an element of flair to your kitchen. Using know-how from our expert craftsmen, along with the latest machinery and production techniques, you can be sure that laminated fire doors will stand the test of time.


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