How Publishers Can Grow Their Revenues In Just 3 Months

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Being a publisher isn’t always easy. You have to continually churn out high quality content and compete with the thousands of other brands out there. Sometimes, making money seems impossible. What’s more, you often feel like you’re in an industry in decline (even though that’s not true). Online competition is chipping away at your cash flow. 

If you’re like many publishers right now, you’re looking for opportunities to grow your revenues and improve your business methods. In this post, we provide some ideas that should enable you to get on track in just 3 months or less. Check them out below: 

Start Selling Subscriptions

As you make your way around the internet these days you may have begun noticing a trend: many of the world’s biggest publishers are moving to a subscription model. You get some free articles, then must pay if you want to access more. 

Selling subscriptions is a great idea because it provides you with a continuous revenue stream. It also encourages people to pay you automatically, month after month. 

Monetize Your Newsletter

Here’s another idea: monetize your newsletter. 

If you’re like most publishers, you’re probably already putting out a weekly newsletter or something similar. But are you taking full advantage of it? You want your newsletter to drive email signups, registrations and build accounts for registered subscribers to opt for more services. 

If you’re struggling to fit all of this into a regular newsletter, then you can also include a weekly roundup where you run through all of the most important things that happened.

Monetize Videos

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Another option is to use a video player for publishers that allows you to monetize your videos. Video monetization is a big step towards creating passive income streams for your website. You can easily embed players in your website sidebar and they don’t interrupt the user experience. Instead, they are a gentle reminder (or teaser) that advertises directly to users, based on the information that ad servers have about them. 

Investigate Affiliate Revenue Options

If you are a big publisher, then many thousands of people come through your site every day. That’s a massive opportunity. Affiliate revenue can comprise a substantial chunk of your total revenue. 

For those of you who don’t know, you earn affiliate revenue every time a user purchases a product from a third-party vendor after having clicked a link on your site. The amount of money you make from this depends on the number of people you successfully convince to click. So if you want to make money this way, you’ll want to create posts about products that drive volumes.

Address Ad Blocking

Ad blocking is a serious issue for publishers – and one of the main reasons so many are switching to subscription models. Around 3 millions more people add ad blockers to their browsers every year. 

The trick here is to establish trust with your users. Find ways to get them to switch off their ad blockers by offering them quality marketing they find relevant. You can do this with regular messages and reminders. You can also block certain premium content until they comply. 

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