How To Get Into Watching NFL When You Aren’t Much Of A Fan

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Football dominates much of the airwaves during the fall and winter. If you aren’t a fan, then you may find yourself a bit lonely on Sundays and other days when there is a game. You want to go apple picking, for instance, but your friends are all watching football instead. 

Instead of trying to avoid football, it is time to embrace it. There are ways to start enjoying the sport even if you were not previously a fan. Like most things, there are aspects of things that you will probably get into without getting excited about the whole package. In this article, we will go over some of the ways you can enjoy football so you aren’t excluded on game days. 

Put some money on it

Nothing makes things interesting quite like the possibility of it making money. Putting a bet on a game will definitely give you a lot to get excited about. It doesn’t need to be a large sum. Even a $10 bet on just a win is enough for you to watch the game with more enthusiasm. 

There are many ways to bet on a game. You can bet on your team winning in the simplest way. Or, you can make a bet about how much the team will win by. How many touchdowns the quarterback will make. There are unlimited possibilities for you to choose from to pique your interest in the game. 

Once you win a few dollars, you may end up Thursday Night Football betting in addition to watching on Sundays!

Have a party

One of the best parts about watching the games on Sunday is to do it with your friends. Host a party and invite your friends over to watch. Serve up some fun finger food and put some chili on the stove for a few hours.

The food is really the best part about watching the game with your friends. The key is to make food that is easy to share. Avoid making dishes or dinner types of plates. Nachos, wings, and other finger foods are the way to go. You can still get culinarily creative when cooking those types of food. 

Cocktails loosen up the mood and some cold beers go down easy. 

Go to a game

Seeing things live is a great way to appreciate them. A football game is much different when you are there in person rather than watching on TV. the energy from the crowd can be quite intoxicating.

Tailgating is also a fan favorite. Having a few drinks and some food in the parking lot before the game is a fun way to get energized beforehand. You end up making friends with the parking lot neighbors as food is often shared around

Going to a game is a way to help you become more of a fan as there are fewer distractions when watching the game. Just make sure to dress appropriately if you live in a cold area of the country!

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