Injuries and Illness, SO Last Year

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We all know the importance of staying healthy and embracing new fitness regimens that empower our independent living.  By extension, this means that in our quest to achieving that often lauded but not always attained “body-beautiful” we may yet encounter injuries or illness, and to turn a phrase for our busy lives…ain’t nobody got time for that! Nothing for you to worry about though because we’ve unpacked some great advice for when those niggling issues stop you from living anything that is less than, your best. life.


Often thought of as something that mainly affects men, turns out that that’s not exactly the truth.  American women are scarily inclined to suffer from heart disease so much so that about 1 in 16 American women will suffer from heart disease in her lifetime.  That’s a shocking statistic and one that we don’t care to be visited on you.  So if you’re a smoker, stop.  Who still does that anyway? But if you’re still prone to drag from the “dark mother” then you should know that smoking is the leading cause of heart disease amongst women in the United States and this becomes exponentially worse if you’re a woman of color.

#2 THE BIG “C”

The one word that absolutely no one wants to talk about, and yet a staggering amount of us are going to have to at some stage of our lives and in fact, more than not and specifically, breast cancer.  Even though there is no real way of knowing how and when breast cancer is going to strike, there are a few things that you can do to place yourself in the best possible space to prevent it, as much as it’s possible anyway.  In this case, we’re not afraid to say it but, prevention is better than cure, so if you’re still a smoker, it’s really time to stop.  Regular check-ups are essential especially if you have a history of breast cancer in your family. It’s also time to revisit those weight goals as excess weight turns into toxic fat horribly fast.  Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum and try to be more active than not.  


Make sure that you’re living a nutrient-rich lifestyle to ensure bone health and it’s easier than you might think it is. Calcium and Vitamin D are essential to maintaining good bone health and if you have a few lingering issues when it comes to your bones then visit your Chiropractor for some “road-worthy” maintenance and correction.  “Bone health” seems like one of those issues that we never confront until it’s too late because issues don’t regularly present themselves as some other acute issues do but whether you’re an active person or someone that’s not given it much thought if you have a few issues that need tending then a visit to your Chiropractor is on the cards.

In the pursuit of holistic health, it has to be mentioned that weight control features are high up on the list.  Before you can even think about embarking on a new lifestyle or management regimen that is designed to improve your health, a solid weight-loss, and management program is a firm foundation.

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