Picking the Best Rowing Machine for Your In-Home Workouts

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A rowing machine is a popular piece of gym equipment used for home workouts. Rowing has many health benefits. To reap the benefits, you have to choose the best rowing machine on the market. There are two excellent choices for a home gym. The hydro we and the concept. They are affordable, and choosing either can help you reap the following health benefits;

  • Get a full-body workout
  • Enhance the impact of your aerobic exercise on fitness
  • Improve your posture
  • Burn calories faster
  • Improve your body conditioning
  • An ideal workout option for people at all fitness levels

How to pick the best rowing machine for your in-Home workouts

Rowing machines differ in the type of resistance, features, and size. Choosing the best will depend on those factors and others, as well as your personal needs and preferences. Below are guidelines to evaluate a rowing machine to choose the best.

  1.   Review the Rower

Rowing machines may have either air, hydraulic, or magnetic resistance rowers. Water rowers are also available in the market, but they may be more expensive. You may also opt for the air and magnetic rowing machines that combine both the resistance options for a more fulfilling experience. The Echelon and Hydrow rowing machines operate on magnetic resistance, while the concept2 rower operates on air resistance. Reviewing a rowing machine resistance type will make it easier for you to choose the best. 

  1.   Rowing machine features

When choosing any gym equipment, the features are crucial considerations to ensure you get the best. For a rowing machine, vital features to watch out for are the seats, foot straps, dashboard, and add-ons. Rowing machines that have smart feature compatibility are ideal for a home gym. That way, you can sync other fitness apps while rowing for a fulfilling workout experience. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connection or headphones connectivity are other smart features that you may find useful. They help enhance your workout experience as you can listen to music, stream workout sessions, or other content of your choice during a workout. Your comfort and ease of assembling the rowing machine may also influence your choice. Rowing machines are not cheap. By reviewing the features, and comparing the top rowing machine models, you can choose the best to get value for your money. The on-demand workout coaching option, manual or electric mode of operation, and the display monitor are other things to consider.

  1.   Storage and maintenance

Rowing machines can take up a lot of space, but it depends on the model. You may fold them to store vertically when not in use. Concept 2 is easy to store as a two-piece; hence may take smaller space. If you opt for a hydro rowing machine, you may also invest in an upright storage kit to save on space. Below are some basic maintenance procedures to maintain your rowing machine in good condition.

  • Regularly check the seats and tighten them to enhance your safety. You should also tighten all screws regularly for the rowing machine to remain more compact and sturdy.
  • Cleaning the machine regularly as per the manufacturer’s instructions
  • For water rowers, change the water weekly to prevent bacteria or other microbes from build
  • Lubricate the machine when necessary

Opting for a machine with detachable parts is advisable. That way in case there is a need for repairs, you will only replace faulty parts. 

  1.   Noise level

Low noise level home gym machines are ideal as they do not cause disturbances to other family members and neighbors. Magnetic resistance rowers are quieter since they are software-driven. The advantage of opting for a less noisy rowing machine is that you get a chance to follow trainers. You also enjoy your music or any content that you stream while working out. Concept2 is one of the best rowing machines for a home workout, but it produces lots of noise. But newer models have less noise, and the noise will also depend on the intensity you set.

  1.   Price

Your budget will determine the type of rowing machine you can get. There are the cheap ones, the mid-range rowers, and the high-end rowing machines with advanced features. Though brands have different pricing strategies it is the features that influence the price of a rowing machine. Through small research, you can identify popular and high-quality brands.

With the best rowing machine, you will enjoy your home workouts even more. To improve your rowing workout sessions, ensure that you sit upright and keep your hands in position. Avoid dropping your knees while rowing, and also strap your feet. Rowing is an enjoyable full-body workout exercise, and doing it correctly and regularly will help you achieve your fitness goals. 

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