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Practical Tips To Decorate Your Home With Antique Touches

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Suppose you’re in the market to give your home a makeover and you have a particular interest in antique home interiors. In this case, perhaps you are not sure how you can decorate your home with antique touches without going overboard. 

Unlike many other interior design trends, antique interiors are one of the more challenging looks to achieve. And there are a few relevant reasons for this. Firstly, antique items are generally delicate, extremely detailed, and often pretty pricey.

Fortunately, there are several practical solutions for you to achieve a vintage antique interior for your home without spending a fortune. And we’ve listed a few tips to ensure your decorating approach doesn’t overwhelm the space, ensuring you can create an elegant interior finish instead of a potentially cluttered and chaotic one. 

Choose A Few Accent Pieces

When choosing your decor items, you should prioritize a minimalistic approach; each room requires no more than one or two focal points in terms of decor. 

Therefore, you could place an antique clock in your living room or entrance hall, and this kind of piece would be attention-grabbing enough for the room to need not much else. Other great antique accent pieces include large vintage area rugs, antique ball, and claw coffee tables, side tables, pallet shelves with herbs, crockery walls, and others.

Refurbishing Antique Finds

An affordable way to achieve an antique interior is to shop around at second-hand stores or thrift stores for pieces. This way, you’ll spend a fraction of the price the item is worth, and all you’ll have to do is spend a bit on refurbishing or renewing the thing. However, you can also shop around at online vintage stores and find great deals. 

So, if you find an elegant vintage clock, you can find an antique clock repair specialist to restore the timekeeper to its original glory. The same approach is relevant with all second-hand finds. And this can ultimately save you a considerable fortune during your interior makeover project. 


Layering is a principle commonly used in various interior themes, although it’s pretty standard for vintage homes. Choose old pieces and merge them with new details to layer effectively, giving your home more variance and overall texture. 

Several antique themes incorporate other themes, such as vintage industrial, vintage elegance, and even vintage minimalism. So, you should select your overall theme before you start shopping around and throwing out anything in your home. 

It’s In The Details

Antique interiors are unique because the patterns and textures used in various home areas are pretty unique and intricate. However, this fact can make over-doing things a relevant concern; you don’t want to use too many intricate patterns that the results seem chaotic and cluttered. 

Although, by opting for fewer decor items and flowing color choices, your home won’t seem too visually busy. Therefore, only use a few scatter cushions in your living room, opt for plain heavy velvet curtains, and choose area rugs that will tie your design together effectively without overpowering the rest of the room. 

Let The Theme Flow Throughout Your Home

If you are after an antique home interior, you should maintain this theme right throughout your home. One of the most common interior design mishaps that we tend to make is falling off theme and ending up with a mismatched home interior.

So, before you get started, you should settle on a color palette, choose furnishings made of the same materials, and use the same curtain fabrics right throughout your home. This effort will ensure your home flows nicely from one room to the next. 

Keep Things Neat And Tidy

Regardless of which interior design theme you opt for, it is always important to regularly keep things neat. However, because antique homes resonate with elegance and charm, it is even more essential to keep your home in the best condition possible

You can do this by investing in cleaning products, devoting enough time towards daily chores, deep cleaning carpets and fabric furnishings, and keeping up to date with all those more minor chores like washing dishes and doing the laundry. 

Opting for a vintage home theme is an excellent idea for several reasons. Firstly, you can be confident that anything you spend will go a long way, as vintage interior themes will genuinely never go out of style due to the timeless element. In addition, you can also be sure you won’t have to replace or re-do your interiors anytime soon, as vintage interiors can be added to easily when you find more exciting antique items to add to your home. 

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