Products That Are Sure to Be Your Favorites This Fall

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Whether your goal is to stay active, look good or a little of both, here are some must have products this year. From smart watches to sneakers, these items are sure to be your favorites this fall. 

Pressure Cooker

Maybe you’re tired of hearing about the pressure cooker craze. There’s a reason everyone loves their pressure cooker though. It makes cooking all sorts of different dishes fast and flavorful. From pulled chicken to sweet potatoes and quinoa, there’s so much you can quickly cook and eat. 

Micellar Water

Like a pressure cooker makes healthy meals fast, micellar water makes your skin healthier fast. This magic liquid is both a facial cleanser and it easily removes makeup. Made of purified water, moisturizers and mild surfactants for cleansing, it leaves skin looking and feeling fresh and renewed. It’s gentle, effective and inexpensive. 

White Sneakers

With beautiful, glowing skin, you’ll want to take on the white sneaker trend to get your feet looking good too. That’s right— it’s finally acceptable to wear white sneakers after Labor Day. The best thing about this trend? It’s versatile and these sneakers can be worn with anything. Try them with a cute dress or cropped jeans for a great fall look. Not to mention, you’ll feel so comfortable walking in sneakers instead of heels. 


Strolling around in your white sneakers will have your feet feeling good and taking CDB will leave the rest of your body feeling good too. From CBD oil to gummies, there are so many ways to consume this amazing product. CBD is said to help with pain, inflammation, anxiety and insomnia. It’s effective and healthy. Give it a try today to see what great things it does for you. 

Fitness Tracker

If CBD leaves you feeling good, you’ll want to track all that extra energy and better sleep using a fitness tracker. Some trackers are so advanced that they track your heart rate over 100 times a second. There are some that even track heart rate variability and respiratory rate data as well. This data, along with journal entries that explain what sort of habits you partake in, and how they correlate to how rested you are, can help you better understand your body and mind. 


A fitness tracker might get you wanting to eat healthier and an airfryer is a great way to do that. These small convection ovens simulate deep frying without having to submerge the food in oil. This means you’re left with tasty and healthy dishes. Air Fryers are fast too, cooking meals quickly so you don’t have to wait to enjoy them. 

Polaroid Camera

If you’re eating healthier, you’ll feel good and look good. This means you’ll want pictures to commemorate how in shape you are. Polaroid cameras are back for just that! You can capture fun moments and immediately have a picture printed, all with a vintage flair. It’s just as fun as it was when you were a kid to wait for your picture to develop! 

Smart Watch

Another great way to take a picture, smart watches offer so many great features and more are being added all the time. Some watches let you take photos from afar. Many track heart rate and fitness data as well. They let you make calls, view texts and answer emails, all without having to pick up your phone. Other great features include being able to call an Uber and pay for a meal. Both are handy if your phone is dead.

Weighted Blanket

With your smart watch tracking your sleep, you’ll want to make sure you’re sleeping well. A weighted blanket can help with that. Weighted blankets have small weights sewn into the fabric. They help relieve anxiety and offer comfort to users, helping you sleep in peace. Many people say using one makes their sleep more relaxing and restful.

There are so many great products to try, from shoes and watches to blankets and CDB. Give some of these a try and enjoy something new this fall. 

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