The Benefits Of A Lightweight Horse Rug

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Whether it’s milder weather outside, your horse is in a sheltered location or you are looking to layer, there are many occasions which make a lightweight rug the best choice. Many horse owners own a lightweight rug as a staple, but with hundreds and thousands of different horse rugs out there to choose from, knowing which one to opt for can be overwhelming. To help you make the right decision for your horse, we’ve pulled together some of the key benefits of lightweight rugs. 


  • Suitable across the year


The versatility of a lightweight horse rug makes it a great addition for different seasons throughout the year. In mild weather across Spring and Autumn especially, the lighter materials are perfect for the temperatures to provide a layer of protection without making your horse too warm. In chillier weather when a heavier rug is required, you can still use your lightweight rugs during transition periods, such as if the weather fluctuates between warm days and chilly nights.


  • Keep their coat under control


Many horse owners prefer to keep their horse’s coat short as it makes grooming easier, maintaining a tidy coat without additional maintenance. When the cold Winter weather is on the way, the horse’s body naturally speeds up the growth of the coat to add some protection from the cold weather, so using a horse rug to maintain their warmth will mean the body does not need to react by producing a longer coat for warmth. 


  • Keep cleaning to a minimum


Maintaining a clean and tidy coat is an ongoing difficulty for many horse owners, requiring a lot of time and work. A lightweight rug will protect them from any dirt or debris that they come into contact with when out in the field, preventing them from becoming dirty and matted. As well as dirt, a rug offers a layer of protection from biting flies and insects during the warmer months; although not as effective as a specialised fly rug, the difference will be apparent.


  • Protect from harmful UV rays


Horses, especially those with darker coats, are prone to sun damage as their coats can become bleached under the sunlight. The addition of a lightweight rug will provide some protection when your horse is enjoying the outdoors and can be used all year long, providing much needed protection from the sunshine in both hot and cold weather. During the Summer, the breathable material will prevent your horse from getting too warm whilst offering the protection you are looking for.


  • Choose from plenty designs


Find just what you’ve been looking for from the hundreds of unique designs and styles on offer. There are lightweight rugs designed to suit your horse, pony or donkey in various colours and aesthetics so browse online to find one you’ll love. Look out for additional features to suit your horse, from high visibility coats so you can easily spot your horse in the field to prints that deter flies from coming near, to get the most from your lightweight rug.

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