Top-Rated Cannabis Products For Beginners To Try

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Suppose you have a particular interest in all that the cannabis plant has to offer, and you would like to take advantage of some of the many benefits of this plant. In that case, you might be wondering which products are suitable for beginners. 

Contrantrary to what many might assume, not all cannabis products are appropriate for beginners. For example, oil dabs are exceptionally potent. And this potency might put you off the experience, leaving you feeling as though the plant is simply not suitable for you. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of mild products to consider and some that won’t alter your mental capacity at all, and you can purchase your cannabis products from Shatter Bars and other licensed cannabis retailers. So, to help you determine which products are best for you, we have listed the most suitable products for beginners. 

CBD Oils And Caps

CBD oils and caps are suitable for absolutely anyone. The cannabis plant boasts two main compounds; CBD and THC. And while THC provides a mental high, CBD does not. For this reason, beginners can try a range of CBD oils and capsules for various uses. 

You can use CBD products to aid skin conditions as a topical application. Alternatively, this category of cannabis products is also suitable for treating anxiety. And combining CBD capsules with ashwagandha capsules is the most effective natural approach to aiding anxiety disorders long-term. 

Indoor Strains

If you’re after more of a high mental effect, yet you don’t want to get knocked off your feet from the get-go, you should try mild indoor strains that are combinations of Indica and Sativa. These are the two main cannabis strains. 

While Indica is best for a full-body relaxation effect, Sativa strains are best for a functional high that won’t have you passing out. It is also crucial to start smoking a small number of indoor dubs; a whole joint is not the best approach for beginners.


Edibles are a great option for a controlled high. However, you must be sure to only consume a small amount at first, as the high will take about one hour to kick in as it seeps into your bloodstream. 

There are tons of edible products out there, from chocolates to brownies and gummies. Also, be sure to check the THC content of the edibles, and don’t be shy to ask the retailer how much you should start off with. THC also offers a list of its own benefits, including pain relief, mitigating nausea, and even protecting brain cells. 

Premium Outdoor Strains

Outdoor strains are likely the best option for beginner smokers, as they are significantly less potent than indoor strains. You will also find both Indica and Sativa strains in most cases. 

However, you must again start your consumption off gradually and consider using a dry herb vape instead of smoking rollies or bongs. A dry herb vape is an excellent way to control your consumption and ensure each user is restricted to what you can handle. This is because the chamber for the cannabis buds is relatively small, so you really can’t overdo things, even by accident. 


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