Top Tips For Dating in 2021

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Modern dating can be a minefield, the rule book has been thrown out of the window and things have changed. The dating landscape is more relaxed and the traditions that once existed are becoming less commonplace. If you are looking for love in 2021 here are some tips to follow to help you navigate the ever-changing world of dating. 

Where to meet people 

Often meeting other people can be one of the hardest parts of dating. The days of meeting in a bar or on a night out are being phased out and instead, people swipe right or vet an online profile before actually meeting another person. Online dating has some great advantages, you can refine your search of prospective dates to people you think you will have a genuine connection with. To people who have similar hobbies to you and share a common interest. You can then can decide whether it is a good idea to go on an actual date. You can also spend time talking with someone and getting to know them thus allowing you to feel more comfortable when you do meet up. That said don’t rule out meeting people in real life also, widen your search. That is not to say you need to start chatting up strangers in bars, there could be a whole host of perfect men at your local gym, sports club, or book club. You are not going to get that spark reading profile words off of a screen.

The first date

Remember the first date is not an audience for marriage. It is a time to be yourself and have fun. The purpose of a first date is to get to know someone better and decide if you like their company. You don’t need their life story and neither do you need to share yours, keep it lighthearted and have fun. Pick a place that you know you will make you feel comfortable, somewhere that you can be relaxed and have fun in each other’s company. If you choose the right place the date is likely to go smoother and with less pressure.

Although the first date isn’t an audition be sure to ask questions. Failure to do so will result in you coming across as uninterested and even self-obsessed. Asking questions is also likely to make a good first impression, as is a clean shirt and a shower beforehand. Just saying. Oh and try not to be glued to your smartphone throughout the entire date, nothing says turn off quite like watching your date scroll Facebook. 

If you say you are going to call…

Granted calling someone to arrange another date is very 2000 now but the principle applies. If you say you are going to call, or rather text, your date then do so. Even if it is to tell them that actually, you don’t think another date is a good idea. Be a grown-up and don’t string them along, tell them early before any feelings can get hurt. You never know, they might feel the same.


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