What Things You Should Know Before Renting Stand-up Kayaks

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Stand-up kayaks are highly recommended for those who love to spend summer engaging in water-based activities. It is a fantastic way to explore nature and stay fit at the same time. Stand-up kayaking is also an excellent way to bond with your friends and family. 

Top-quality paddle boards can help you create memories that last a lifetime. However, there are several things you need to know to rent stand up kayaks. Use high-quality safety gear and take other precautionary measures while operating a kayak. 

Stand-Up Paddling Requires Experience

The activity is not easy to do if you are a beginner. So, if you’ve never tried it before, you might want to consider seeking assistance. There’s more to kayaking than knowing how to swim or even knowing how to row. It would help if you mastered the activity to be able to get the best experience. Stand-up paddling requires balance, proper posture and the right techniques.

Pick a Sunny Day to Rent Stand Up Kayaks

The best time to do stand-up kayaking is on a relatively sunny day when the waters are calm. Parks and lakes may be crowded with people on weekends. 

So, you may consider choosing a weekday to enjoy a calm, peaceful kayak ride. However, if you’re planning to kayak on a weekday, it is vital to check if the kayak rental store is open and if kayaks are available for rent. Call in advance to know if pre-booking options are available.

Dress Appropriately

You have to wear a water-friendly outfit to stay safe and to be able to enjoy your ride to its full potential. For instance, if you’re wearing shoes, it might get more challenging for you to stay on the kayak. 

So you might want to wear a pair of water shoes to avoid accidents. It is also crucial to wear a life jacket to stay afloat and to be able to enjoy paddling through your adventure.

Stay Hydrated and Eat a Proper Meal After Kayaking

Despite being a calming activity, kayaking uses up a lot of physical energy.  Treat yourself to a proper meal to restore your energy. The park officials or rental service organizers can guide you to the nearest restaurant. Kayakers should stay hydrated throughout the experience. 

Ask Park Officials for Help 

Ask a park official or other relevant authority to help you to dock your kayak.  The experts may help by hitching your stand up kayaks to a small boat to keep it afloat. 

You may also need some assistance when setting your kayak afloat if you are not an expert. Some kayak rentals insist on orientation certifications before they rent you a kayak.

 Get a Kayak That is Big Enough 

The kayak you rent should not be too large or small. You should have enough space to stand comfortably and maintain balance. 

Rental service experts can help you choose the right kayak based on your height and body weight.


These are some of the things that you should know before renting stand-up kayaks. Avoid extra-crowded locations if you are a beginner. You could also ask the rental service experts to assist you if you are a first-timer.



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