When Do You Need Scalp Micropigmentation Los Angeles?

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Hair damage can lead to hair thinning and hair loss, and this is often an issue that most people struggle with. Hair damage can be brought about by excessive use of hair products that contain harmful ingredients or the use of hair styling products like straighteners, curling lotion, bleach, and extreme temperature in curling irons and the like. Too much of any of these will surely lead to brittle hair, hair fall, and even excessive hair loss. On the other hand, other factors like illness, medication, stress, and anxiety, and an impulse control condition of hair pulling could also lead to hair loss and baldness. Whatever the reason, sometimes hair does not grow back or be as healthy as it used to be, and this is when you need a scalp micropigmentation Los Angeles procedure, one that can save you all the trouble of having to find a temporary fix or relief from your hair problems as it offers a more permanent solution. Scalp micropigmentation uses organic plant-based pigments and this is inserted into the outer layer of the scalp called the dermis to resemble hair follicles. With this micropigmentation process, the scalp will look like it has a full set of hair and will help you get the solution to your hair thinning and hair loss problems. The outcome of the treatment would look like you have a close shaved head but it will be aesthetically done so that you will get the boost of confidence and a low-maintenance fix for your hair. The procedure is currently done by trained experts since it is a fairly new treatment and is not available in all salons or spas. However, the good news is that there are over a thousand trained SMP providers all over the country so that if you need treatment one is bound to be nearby. 

What is Scalp Micropigmentation Los Angeles? 

Scalp micropigmentation Los Angeles is a nonsurgical and noninvasive treatment for those who have chronic hair loss that leads to balding or even for those with thinning hair. This procedure is appropriate for those who have decided to not grow their hair anymore as it is severely damaged or that does not grow as much anymore. The decision to get an SMP would depend on the condition of the scalp and whether the individual wants a permanent solution to the problem. Although it is not for everyone as it involves shaving the head to maintain that clean bold look but it is so much better than having to wear wigs or hairpieces or always covering it with a bandana or hat. The treatment involves the insertion of organic plant-based pigments into the dermis of the scalp to mimic the look of hair follicles, and since it follows the natural hairline, it would look like you have a full head of hair even from someone near you. The treatment would take about two sessions and a possible third if it is needed in a span of two to three months. It is perfectly safe and will last for a long time, though you might need touch-ups in about five to eight years from the treatment. However, this can happen a lot sooner if you do not follow the after-care protocols that you should do after the treatment. The procedure is a bit pricey than most but it will provide a permanent solution to your hair loss problems and will save you from feeling sorry for yourself and having low self-confidence. Aptly said, with SPM you go from bald to bold, and that is money well spent in whatever angle you try to see it. 

Where to Get Scalp Micropigmentation Los Angeles Treatments?

Since scalp micropigmentation Los Angeles is a relatively new procedure and it does take specialized training and skills to be able to practice SMP, so it is a bit limited but you can surely find a salon or clinic that offers SMP near you. You just need to look it up on the internet and make sure to choose only those who can perform high-quality SMP. You can also do your research about SMP and the kind of work that they do and where you can schedule an appointment and consultation. At this time, there are virtual consultations that you can take advantage of, and then just be there in person for the actual treatment. Though it would be best if you find someone near you to have the SMP treatment since you might need to go back for another treatment of touch-ups in the future and if they are far from your area, then you might end up not going back due to its distance. 

Is Scalp Micropigmentation Los Angeles Expensive? 

Scalp micropigmentation Los Angeles does not only provide relief and permanent solution to thinning hair and baldness but also other conditions like scar cover-ups and bad tattoo cover-ups especially if it is found in the scalp. If you had surgery on your head or brain, then it will leave an ugly scar on your scalp, and without ample hair to cover it up, you will be left with that scar for the rest of your life. SMP offers scar coverage by laying on the organic pigments in the area around the scar to hide it, this could cost around 800 to 1000 dollars, depending on the size of the scar. If you wish to keep your hair, the SMP can be done around the actual hair follicles so that it will blend in with your existing hair. If you decide to shave your hair, then it could be covered by SMP following your natural hairline. It is important to use your hairline so that it would look just like your own hair, and most of the time our natural hairline is the most flattering for our face. The usual treatment can range from 2000 to 3500 dollars for each session and although it is quite steep, remember that it is a permanent solution, if you add all the money you spent on hair products in a year, it would probably amount to the same thing. The actual cost may vary in terms of the severity of your baldness and the time spent completing your treatment. 

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