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Where Can You Take Your Career Next?

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If you’ve already decided on your dream career, and you’ve managed to break into the field, then it’s time to take things to the next level! Of course, you’re proud of yourself right now, and that’s always something to keep in mind. But you’ve got a long way to go before you’re truly satisfied with your success, right? Well let’s get the ball rolling early on, and think about where you can take your career next with the ideas below. 

Meet the Right People

A lot of people say that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, and for the most part, they’re right! If you’ve got connections in the right place, you can go a lot further than someone who has the same skill set as you – but only if you do actually have all the knowledge necessary to back this up. Which you do, so don’t worry! 

So obviously you’re a trained and learned person, and you’ve got the makings of a good career in the basket. But without a bit of networking, it can be much harder to get to the top of your field. Try to diversify your network as much as possible, and contact as many people as you can find within your same industry, to ensure you really put your feelers out. 

Develop a Specific Skill

In many industry fields, it’s all about specialization. If you want to succeed where few others have, you need to have a specific interest, or ‘niche’ as many people put it. Without this one special skill, it can be hard to go as far as you can, even if you’ve got a diverse skill set that’s taken you far enough already. 

So think about what you do best, and where you can go if you focus on this one skill specifically. For example, if you’re in the physical field, you can look into sport-specific training if you have one discipline you favor over any others. You can become a master in this one sport, and it could become something you’re very much known for! 

Always Ask for More

Now, asking for more might sound like a step too far for you, but it’s one of the key pillars to success. After all, people aren’t mind readers. And in showing a bit of initiative, you can really impress! It shows you’ve got the kind of hunger for your career that it really takes, and you can very quickly convince someone to either work with or mentor you if you outright ask them about the opportunity. Don’t beat about the bush, and don’t be afraid to lay out the question – if you don’t ask, you often don’t get! 

If you’re looking to advance your career in the near future, make sure you’re talking to the right people, focusing on the right skill, and have the kind of confidence you can rely on. It might take time to accomplish all three, but it’s worth it! 

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