Why and How to Buy a Stone Statue of Shiva?

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Stone sculptures are not only beautiful but are also known for being a long-lasting choice. Stone Shiva statues are popular due to its durable material that lasts longer than cemented sculptures. 

Natural stone is not treated, nor does it have artificial materials. It is entirely natural, which is why many consider a stone statue of Shiva pure enough to be placed in their temple. Along with its long-lasting qualities, the stone’s beauty makes it ideal for creating deity idols. 

Here are some other compelling reasons to buy a stone statue. 

Affordable Alternative

Despite being a pure and long-lasting material, the stone Shiva statue must be affordable. When purchasing a stone idol for your favorite Hindu god, you don’t have to break the bank. 

People seek long-lasting, inexpensive, and natural ways to bring this deity into their homes, and a stone sculpture is perfect for this reason.

Design Flexibility

Shiva stone sculptures are available in various styles to suit your preferences and help you connect with your deity. When it comes to expressing one’s trust in God, Indian stone statues are usually the first option. 

Shiva stone sculptures are usually inspired by the rich historic and ancient statues found in museums and temples of India. These statues come in a variety of patterns and styles and are an excellent option for enhancing the feel and appearance of your temple.

Purity Symbol

Purity, knowledge, longevity, and prosperity are symbols associated with white stone. Shiva is the deity of the gods, and he enlightens people’s paths. Thus the stone contains all the qualities that link your devotion to him. 

Despite its benefits, purchasing a Shiva stone statue can be confusing. There are many factors to consider. Here, they are:

  1. The Stone Statue’s Quality

You do not need to purchase low-quality stone sculptures since they are prone to flaws and breakage. Consider purchasing a high-quality statue of Shiva crafted by skilled craftsmen from high-quality stone. Marble, Indonesian Lava stone, and natural Lingams are your top choices. 

  1. Design and Color

If you want simplicity, go for a Shiva statue in its natural white hue of the stone. It is not only attractive but also one of the most refined options. Also, always consider the area in your house or workplace where you will store the Lord Shiva stone statue before purchasing one. 

You may consider buying a Narmada lingam for the home temple, while a giant Lava stone statue is perfect for gardens. 

  1. Consider the Cost

When purchasing Shiva sculptures, the alluring aura of the god often outweighs the cost issue. However, it would help if you still considered the costs instead of overpaying for a statue with jagged ends, unpolished surfaces, or chipped parts. 

If feasible, compare the prices of Shiva statues at different websites to choose the one that provides the best value for money. The cost usually varies depending on the size, material, and artistry used in the statue. 

When it comes to purchasing a statue of Shiva, you don’t have to be concerned since they are readily accessible and affordable.

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