5 Automotive Features And Apps To Improve Your Safety

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Every driver has a responsibility to keep themselves safe as well as the people around them. If you’re looking to improve your safety check out these car safety features and useful apps.

1. Intelligent Speed Assist

It was recently announced that all vehicles sold in the EU from 2022 will need to have intelligent speed systems. These systems provide a gradual speed reduction, to prevent drivers from speeding. Other benefits of ISA systems include reduced fuel usage and emissions. Some vehicles are already fitted with intelligent speed assist systems including Renault cars, Peugeot and Mercedes-Benz. 

2. Automatic Emergency Brakes

Automatic emergency brakes turn on if the system detects an imminent collision. Once the AE system has alerted the driver, the driver has a chance to respond. If the driver fails to intervene the system switches on the brakes. These systems rely on a combination of radars and special cameras.

3. Blind-spot warning

Blind-spot warning systems use radars and cameras, these systems alert the driver if another vehicle approaches within their blind spot. Certain blind-spot systems are fitted with an audio alert. Some newer cars come with blind spot systems which include automatic braking and steering. If the driver ignores the blind-spot warning the system is able to take over, and steer.

4.  Drive

This app was designed in response to the issue of texting while driving. The Drive app converts messages into audio form, encouraging people to focus on their driving. App users can set auto-response, and use their phones hands-free. Other features include bluetooth, and radio transmission features.

Distracted driving is one of the main causes of road accidents. If you know that you are prone to distracted driving it’s important to check your behavior, and put extra safety measures in place.

5.  SensAiry

Using this application drivers can ensure that they are always driving with the correct tire pressure. SensAiry allows you to monitor vehicle temperature, and tire pressure. If you need a way to control the temperature in your vehicle it’s worth looking into a firewall for cars.

The app uses bluetooth tech to monitor the pressure, and it’s incredibly easy to use. Drivers can read the on-screen dials in either kilopascal or bar units. You can use the app with multiple cars, and link your data to the cloud server.

Further ideas:

Safety features and apps are great, but it’s also the responsibility of the driver to stay safe. To improve your driving habits you might consider taking a defensive driving course? These courses are designed to help people drive safe, responding to the actions of the people around them. With the help of a DD course you’ll feel more relaxed on the roads.

As technology advances vehicle safety features are becoming more complex. If you’re in the market for a new car it’s worth choosing a vehicle with plenty of safety features. Choosing the right car will help to improve your confidence on the roads.



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