5 Ways to Style Your Kaftan to Look Comfy Chic

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If you’re like most people, you harbor a secret longing to look comfortable and yet super-fashionable at the same time. It’s hard (sometimes almost impossible it would seem) to try and blend the best of both worlds. That is, until kaftans came into the picture. 

Before you say, “Wait a minute, aren’t kaftans more of a beach cover up?,” the answer is yes they are. However, kaftans have evolved to become something so much more than that. Over the years, kaftans have been modified to take on a more stylish and trendy look with vibrant prints, stunning colors (take a look at to see just how incredibly attractive the designs are). They have even been tastefully streamlined to provide a more silhouetted look for those who want to have that option without losing the essence of what a kaftan is. 

Why Kaftans Are the Winning Combo

Let’s face it, most people don’t have time to spend hours trying to look well put together in front of the mirror. Some days, you just want to slip on something and go without putting much thought into it. You know that you still want to look good, and yet you don’t have to spend hours getting ready just to head out for a short period. If you had the option, you would absolutely choose to go with what is comfortable and what is easiest.

That’s why kaftans are so perfect for a situation like this. Most of us are busy everyday and we’re always on the go. Anything that is going to save us some time and require minimal effort is always going to be a winner. A kaftan can help you look chic and polished and yet stay comfortable at the same time. All you need are a few styling tips to get you started.

How to Style Your Kaftans 

Since a kaftan is an easy, slip-on style of garment, what you pair the kaftan with is the one that makes the difference. Here are some styling options you can consider to make a fashion statement:


  • Pair It With Your Favorite Pair of Jeans – Jeans are one of the most versatile items and it’s the reason why everyone owns at least a few pairs of jeans in their wardrobe. Jeans look great with just about anything you wear, and this includes a kaftan. Simply pick your favorite colorful and fun kaftan design, pair it with your favorite jeans and some casual sandals and you’re ready to turn heads as you walk down the street. 


  • They Work With Leggings Too – If you want to take the comfort level up a notch, pair your kaftan with some comfy black leggings. The secret to making the kaftan work is to only pair it with black leggings if you’re going for a vibrant design. Otherwise, it’s going to look like an odd ensemble if there’s too much color or patterns going on. If you’re going with colorful legging, then the kaftan that you choose should be something that is plain black or white. A kaftan and leggings combination can look extremely chic and very well put together. Just be sure that the leggings you choose are a thick pair of cotton leggings and not the shiny, spandex-looking workout material. To work this combination perfectly, your kaftan should be on the longer side. Finish the look with a trendy pair of boots, sandals, heels, or ballet flats, depending on what you feel like wearing for the day. 
  • The Secret Lies In the Layers – Any savvy fashionista will tell you that the secret to looking good all the time, even when you’re dressed casual, is to layer your outfit well. In this case, layering your kaftan with a blazer or jacket of some sort. A long jacket is especially going to make you look chic without trying too hard, no matter what you’re wearing underneath. Everything looks fashionable when you throw a long jacket over it. A stunning kaftan with prints that pop, paired with a black blazer and a pair of sneakers (or any shoe of your choice) will keep you looking casually flawless without any effort at all. 


  • Keep Your Accessories Tasteful – A kaftan is going to be the most colorful piece of clothing that you’re going to have on you. For this reason, everything else you wear should be neutral and tasteful, and this includes your accessories. If your kaftan is already on the “loud” side, then it should be paired with accessories that are small, understated, and tasteful. Think of it this way, if you were in a room with a couple of people, if everyone talked at once, there would be far too much noise and nothing would work well. The same rule goes for your dress code. Your outfit is going to “speak” and only one piece of clothing should be doing all the talking. In this case, it would be your kaftan. Depending on what prints you choose, your accessories (including the earrings, necklaces, or bracelets you choose to wear), should be small, slim, and in colors that go well with anything (like gold or silver).


  • Pick the Right Fit – Although comfortable clothes are usually less snug (for that comfort factor), if you’re going to wear this out of your house, you should still opt for clothes that fit just right. Kaftans these days come in several size options, and a lot of the kaftans out there are not just baggy and shapeless attire anymore. Some of them are designed with great looking silhouettes. Picking the right fit for you means that you’re going for something that is loose but not bordering on the baggy side. Your kaftans should look like they sit just right on your frame. In other words, you shouldn’t look like you’re swimming in your ensemble. 

Comfy casual is the new trend, and thanks to kaftans, it is now easier than ever to make a fashion statement without having to forgo the desire to be comfortable. 


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