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6 Home Privacy Ideas To Keep Your Neighbors From Snooping

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In this article, we will talk about how to keep your neighbors from snooping on you when you are at home. When people have a lot of privacy in their homes, they can relax and not worry about someone peeping in through the windows. Here are 6 ways that you can prevent your neighbor from snooping around while you’re at home.

1. Keep a low profile

This means to keep your curtains drawn and not display anything outside of your window. This way people will have no idea what might be going on inside your house or apartment if they happen to pass by and look up. 

If someone looks through a window where nothing is interesting happening inside, then they’ll get bored pretty quickly and move along to somewhere else more interesting for them to be snooping around in private without any consequences for themselves. 

Keeping a low profile will not only prevent snoopers from looking into your home but will also keep you from being paranoid about someone being there to take video footage of what’s going on behind closed doors.

2. Use blinds, curtains, shutters, or indoor screens

Indoor screens can be used for preventing your neighbor from peeping into your home through the window, or they can simply act as a temporary curtain that you can draw across to block out people’s visions when you aren’t expecting them to come around. In-home screens are also very easy to install and remove as needed.

Blinds, curtains, and shutters, even just simple wooden shutters, are great for blocking out snooping neighbors. When one of these items is drawn across a window, the peeper cannot see into your home which will provide you with much-needed privacy. The neighbors also won’t be able to hear what’s going on inside and they’ll get bored and go away in the process without seeing anything.

3. Use security cameras

Although this will scare away most snoopers or peeping Toms, some people are so obsessed with other people’s lives that they will go out of their way to try and find out what other people are doing inside their private homes. 

Security cameras can be hidden well and will help you catch anyone who tries to go around suspiciously looking into your windows. Some people might even try to take off the security camera which would not be a good idea because then they would just look more suspicious than before and it would only serve as evidence against them later on. The best thing that can be done when you have security cameras watching your home is to put up signs warning people that they are being watched.  

4. Put plants across the windowsills

Having potted plants on your windowsills is a great way not just to decorate the insides of your home, but they will also make it harder for anyone to see through your windows, which can greatly increase your privacy. This will prevent people from looking inside your private home because it obstructs their vision and will make nosy neighbors put in more effort if they want to snoop around where they shouldn’t. 

It creates an illusion that you don’t have anything to hide at all and there is nothing of interest inside. This will keep any snoopers at bay and can help you sleep better at night knowing that no one is looking inside your home. 

5. Build a privacy wall/fence

If you have a big enough yard this is better than just having a privacy fence. A Privacy Wall or high security fence system keeps people from seeing through your windows as well as keeping them from looking down at your whole house from above if they were on the second floor or higher in any nearby buildings.  A privacy fence is the next best thing to having curtains on all of your windows. A privacy fence means that no one will be able to see anything going on inside your home from the street or from a neighbor’s window. They’re pretty cheap and fairly easy to build, so if you have a large enough yard it’s something that everyone should consider doing for more privacy at home.

6. Plant tall, full-grown trees in your yard

This is the best way to keep people from looking into your windows and seeing what you’re doing behind closed doors in any homes that don’t have a privacy fence, no matter where they are standing if they’re on the ground or higher up in a nearby building. 

Bushes and some shrubbery will have the same effect on your windows, but they won’t block out people’s entire views of your home. Tall trees are natural privacy screens that can be incorporated into any yard to provide optimal privacy from outside neighbors, no matter where they happen to be standing. In addition, tall walls/fences cannot be seen over so chances are they won’t even try to see over them since there is no point.

Just about everyone wants privacy in their homes, and these 6 ideas can help ensure your home is a lot more private than it might have been before! Remember, just because you aren’t doing anything wrong doesn’t mean you shouldn’t want your house to be privy to only those who are invited in! 

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