7 Incredible Things You Should Never Miss When in France

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France never fails to mesmerize anyone who visits this beautiful country. With its numerous beautiful landscapes, picturesque views, and fascinating french landmarks, it can be difficult not to fall in love with France. Whether it’s spending time at the Eiffel tower with your loved one or cruising through french canals on a French barge cruise, here are seven incredible things you should never miss when you are in France. 


  • Visit the Astonishing Mont Saint-Michel


Mont Saint-Michel, the Western World’s wonder and one of the top sites to visit in Northern France, will move you. This magnificent Benedictine abbey and well-known pilgrimage site are located on a rocky island at the mouth of the Couesnon River, where the Normandy and Brittany provinces meet. The location is renowned for its high tides, making the abbey inaccessible for several hours and providing a lovely setting for Mont Saint-Michel.


  • Spend a Night in a French Châteaux


You can find more than 40,000 châteaux of various periods and styles throughout France. Some of these châteaux are home to nobles or wealthy individuals. In contrast, others have been lovingly renovated and transformed into boutique hotels, making them ideal for a relaxing weekend break in France. Two lovely examples near Paris are Château de Villiers-le-Mahieu and Château d’Ermenonville, but there are many more!


  • Drop Your Jaw with the Extravagance of the Eiffel Tower


The Eiffel Tower is a popular monument in Paris and France, and the views of the city from the pinnacle, especially at sunset, are spectacular. On the second floor, there’s also an intriguing museum about the history and construction of the Eiffel Tower.


  • Take a Voyage on a French Barge Cruise


On a French barge cruise, you must cruise around the canals to see France’s beautiful and historic countryside. You’ll get to taste numerous lip-smacking exotic cuisines, visit majestic châteaux, and witness numerous galleries and vineyards. It can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to have with your loved ones.


  • Spend a Day at the Famous Louvre


You will get to admire some of the most incredible masterworks of all time at the Louvre, the world’s best museum! Learn about the history of the old Royal Palace, which served as the seat of the French Kings for centuries. Discover the medieval moats and walls of the Louvre, as well as Napoleon III’s palaces, the royal galleries, and more!


  • Get Blown Away by the Breathtaking Etretat Cliffs


Etretat is a small village on Normandy’s Alabaster Coast, known for its stunning vertical cliffs and other rock formations that inspired Monet’s masterpieces. Arches, sea stacks, and tunnels have been carved into the 50 to 80 m high chalk walls. Etretat is easily accessible from Paris and can be included in a Normandy road trip.


  • Visit Monet’s Garden


Visit Monet’s Gardens in Giverny, which inspired some of his most famous works. Admire the water lily pond, where Claude Monet created his iconic water lily series. 

The artist’s house and adjoining workshop are also well worth a visit and provide an insight into Monet’s life and work in Giverny.

Once you visit this beautiful European country, you’ll fall in love with its sheer beauty. Plan your trip in such a way that you get to witness the local cuisines, landmarks, and historical places to truly make your visit worthwhile.

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