Always Do These 5 Things When Your Car Is In the Shop

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As symbols of our modern lives, our cars have come to represent way more than just how we get from one side of the city to the other. Our cars say something enticingly personal about who we are, how we value workmanship, quality, or design. We spend a fortune on upgrades for our vehicles and replacing head units and sound systems, so it makes sense then that we care about what happens when they’re in the shop.

But more than that, our cars are also powerful symbols of our dreams and hopes, and we carry them quite literally in our vehicles. Roadtrips, family holidays, the day that contract finally got signed, yes, so much of our lives are spent on four wheels.

And so, it makes perfect sense then that when it’s time for your car to head to the shop, whether routine or otherwise that you get the very best service and specialization that you can.

Here’s how.


Every car is made differently, and every manufacturer works differently (for the most part) than any other, so what has worked for your previous vehicles won’t necessarily be the truth for the one you’re driving now. Always keep to your manufacturer’s schedules; not only will this retain some resale value, but it will act as a preventative measure as well.


Study after study shows the importance of keeping a keen eye on your tires. You want to check the tread, age, wear and tear, and age. Checking the current state of your tires can also indicate balancing or alignment issues, so when your car is in the shop, there is no better time than the present since it’s there anyway.


The way your engine works is essential, the way your tires work is critical, and how your car’s electronic system works is important, but before you even get to those, check these first.

It is beyond important that lights on your vehicle operate properly, that they can brighten up or dim correctly, and that your turn signals work perfectly too. Get your shop guy to do a double-check whenever your car is in the shop.


Depending on where you live in the United States, these check-ups will mean different things. If you live in areas prone to heavy rain during the winter months, then you’ll want to double-check and replace your wiper blades in advance. The same goes for areas prone to heavy snow; make sure your lights, tires, and wiper blades are all of the quality and maintenance they should be.


As with your maintenance schedule, your manufacturer’s guidelines will differ from car to car. So when it’s time to Subaru Forester Service, make sure that you look at the recommendations related to that vehicle. Things like oil change schedules, brake or transmission change schedules, etc.

It’s not just a good idea to keep your car in good working order for the sake of safety (although that’s not the worst reason); it makes financial sense besides.

But mostly, who wants to stop dreaming?


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