Backpacking With Friends? Invest In These 9 Items

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Going outside has been a quite hard task in the last year and a half. Even before the pandemic, it could be pretty hard to go for some backpacking. Most of us are engulfed by the city life and work we are forced to do just to survive. We have been divided from nature in a really unhealthy way.

One of the best ways to enjoy going out into nature is with friends. Experiencing the beauty and the calmness with someone by your side is truly wonderful. Of course, it is much easier to say to just go out than actually doing it. Besides planning and taking some of your time to do this, you will need some equipment to do this successfully. Going unprepared can be not only unpleasant but also dangerous. Be sure to have these items by your side so that you can rest assured that backpacking will be a truly good experience.

A good backpack

This one is kinda obvious, as it is literally in the name of this activity. Most people usually just go with a regular backpack, which is fine. But once you see what a truly good backpack made for backpacking can offer, you will want to invest in one. There are many options to choose from, but with the power of the internet, you can compare backpacks online until you find what you are looking for. Doing research may take some time, but it will be really worth it and you will feel it.

Durable boots

There is nothing worse than having some torn and worn boots on your feet during a long hike. They are quite uncomfortable and you are getting tired a lot more than you should. It is especially bad if they are leaky and water can get into them. A hot and moist closed environment represents the best possible living conditions for many fungus species. 

Investing in good durable boots will greatly benefit your well-being during backpacking. It will also save you a lot of money because there will be no more need to toss boots after using them a couple of times.

Sun protection

If you are going out on a summer day or wherever it may be sunny, you will need some protection. The most convenient way of protecting yourself from the sun is with some sunglasses. Your vision needs to be at its best when hiking so you can see the terrain around you. If you do not like sunglasses, going for a hat or some sunscreen are the alternatives for you.

Bug repellant

One of the things that are usually left out when talking about backpacking is the bugs. There are a lot of bugs out there and they are annoying. Packing some bug repellant sprays, especially against mosquitos, can be a lifesaver. Your friends will be thankful for bringing this along the trip.

Sleeping hammock

Sleeping hammocks are greatly underappreciated when it comes to backpacking. Many people go for sleeping bags, but are they the best? Sleeping hammocks can fit your backpack better, so you can bring some more for your friends. Sleeping on the ground is kinda filthy and there are so many bugs down there. 

The only bad side of hammocks is that you can not put them everywhere, so you need to scout out more for the optimal location. Other than that, they are a very good investment when thinking about backpacking. They can become even more comfortable with a sleeping pad that can be placed inside them.


Once you have settled in for the night, you will want to spend some quality time with your friends. You can chat around the fire and just enjoy the night. But, if you are feeling for some games, whipping out a pack of cards is the best option. They are pretty light, very cheap, and there are so many games you can play with them.


Multi-tools are very useful and super convenient to pack. They may seem like something small but boy can they do everything. Unexpected situations can occur at any time, so having a multi-tool that can assess these situations is very useful. Pack it somewhere close to you so it is available at all times.

A camera

Even if you are not interested in photography, having a camera when traveling with friends is really fun. You will want to take pictures of them and with them along the trip. Having photos to remember this fun backpacking will be very important in the future. 

Do not miss out on opportunities to capture moments that are very dear to you and your friends. Cameras can be expensive, especially the ones you need for a hike if you are going somewhere wet. Even so, they are still very valuable, and getting one will surely be paid off with some good photos and videos that you can always come back to.

Morning drinks

First off, no, this does not imply alcoholic drinks. By morning drinks that means coffee and tea. After a night in nature, that is not as comfortable as sleeping in your bed, you and your friends will need some coffee or tea to make the morning better. This is another cheap investment that is sure to bring a lot of relief in the morning when it is needed the most. 

This list of items that are a good investment when considering backpacking may seem pretty long. It really is not when you consider that all of this will serve you and your friends for a short simulation of living in nature. All of these items, if you take the quality ones, will also serve you for a lifetime.

The durability will not only be beneficial to your bank account, but it will also give you space to have a more sentimental value to these items. You will always be able to look back at your backpack and think about all the places it went. You can look at the deck of cards and think about the hands it has been through. All of these items serve as a very important way of remembering all the fun backpacking adventures you went alongside with people you hold close to your heart.

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