Common Reasons Why People Get Involved in Road Accidents

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Driving a car is not as easy as it looks, particularly if you are driving on the streets during the night. There are so many factors to take into consideration when driving. You have to keep in mind that you are sharing the street with many other drivers who may be traveling at different speeds and making unexpected turns or stops without warning. 

Road accidents happen because of diverse reasons and causes, but most of them involve people who failed to exercise caution while they were behind the wheel or did something out of negligence that gave them no choice but to get involved in an accident. 

You cannot completely avoid the risk of getting involved in a road accident; however, you can take preventive measures to help reduce your risk of becoming involved in one. It is necessary to be aware of the reasons why people get involved in road accidents so that you can take effective measures which can minimize the risks associated with them.

Driving Too Fast

Most of the road accidents that happen every day involve people who are driving too fast. Speeding is one of the most common causes of road accidents in Maryland in the past several years. If someone drives over the speed limit, it becomes harder for him or her to control the car, especially when he comes upon a curve or has to stop suddenly because of another vehicle making an unexpected turn or stop. According to Maryland car accident statistics, there were 117,750 registered car crashes in 2018, with almost 50,000 people being injured. Driving at high speeds can result in severe consequences, so whenever you drive, make sure you do not exceed the speed limit. Drive at a safe speed which will allow you to have good control over your car and recognize any possible hazards that would require you to slow down quickly. 

Driving Too Slow

Driving too slowly is also one of the worst and most common causes of road accidents. People who drive below the speed limit can cause distractions for other people on the road and create a general disturbance. When you drive at very low speeds, it becomes even harder to control your car, especially when you come upon an unexpected curve or another vehicle making a turn without warning. Driving at slow speeds can change the flow of traffic and may get in the way of vehicles that are traveling at high speeds. If someone is driving too slowly, make sure to avoid him or her by changing lanes if possible. Otherwise, be patient and allow that person to proceed before taking action yourself.

Reckless Driving

Driving erratically or at random is another common cause of accidents. Reckless driving involves not following the rules of the road and can result in loss of control over your car, which can lead to getting involved in an accident. Some examples of reckless driving include tailgating, weaving through traffic, making inappropriate or sudden turns or stops without signaling first, and speeding. If you notice that someone is driving erratically on the road, make sure to avoid him or her by giving way if it’s possible for you to do so safely. Slow down and be patient because it might take some time before this person makes his or her move.

Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs/Alcohol

People who get behind the wheel while they are intoxicated and under the influence of alcohol or drugs put themselves and other people on the road at risk. This can be very dangerous because you will not be able to think clearly, which makes it hard for you to control your car, recognize hazards on the road, and react appropriately when needed. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol puts a lot of lives at risk, including your own. Avoiding driving when you are intoxicated is a must, even if it means using public transportation, catching a ride with someone else, or staying overnight where you are instead. 

Distracted Driving

Talking on the phone while driving, multitasking, and being distracted by other people in the car are just some of the most common causes of road accidents in Maryland. This is a very serious concern today because most people have a smartphone with them wherever they go. Using a cell phone while you’re behind the wheel can be very distracting, which can easily affect your driver’s concentration and focus. If you have to use your cellphone while you’re driving, make sure to pull over somewhere safe before doing so or wait until you get home to attend to your call or messages.

Each one of us should do our part to ensure the safety and security of each other on the road. The next time you drive, be sure to follow all rules and regulations, so everyone can travel safely. Remember that driving is nothing less than a big responsibility that requires your full attention at all times.


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