How to Easily Throw Great Movie-Watching Events at Your Home

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Throwing a movie-watching party is about more than just throwing something together. It’s about creating an experience for yourself and for your guests. It’s about getting together with friends and loved ones to chat, eat snacks, drink wine, and enjoy a good movie. But how can you ensure that your party is amazing? Here is how to throw great movie watching events at home. 

Use A Projector to Enjoy the Movie

No matter how big your TV is, nothing beats a movie-watching experience with a projector. Projectors are large enough that everyone will be able to see the screen comfortably. Here is what to look out for when choosing a projector. 


Resolution is the most important factor in projecting an image. This number tells you how many pixels are present in each frame of the movie, and higher resolution means a more detailed, detailed picture. For a movie viewing, opt for 1080p. The best 1080p projector will guarantee an awesome viewing. These types are also affordable.  


This is the other important factor to look out for when choosing a projector. This number tells you how much light the projector can emit, which allows it to display an image against any kind of lighting condition. The best movie watching projector should be able to project at least 500 lumens or about as much brightness as an outdoor nightlight. 


The size of the projector is proportional to its image size, so it’s important that you buy one that will fit your movie-watching needs. A good movie watching projector should have an image at least 100 inches wide. The best movie watching projector has a screen size range of 120-4000 inches for big images. 

A Sturdy Tripod

You don’t want your guests having to peer through shakily mounted projections. You need something that will hold up against wild movements and restlessness. Get yourself a sturdy tripod that won’t wobble or sway even with lots of movement from the viewers. Position your projector on top of it and get ready for great movies!

Have A Theme 

A theme is what ties your party’s elements together to create an experience for the guests. Here are some tips on how to pick themes. 

Pick Your Favorite Classic

Everyone loves classic films. What better way to throw a movie-watching party than by having themed snacks and drinks based on your favorite classic films? Think ‘Gone with the Wind’ or ‘Casablanca’. You can also base it off of just one scene from the film too, like doggy cocktails based on ‘Lady and The Tramp’. 

Pick Based off Of Character

Another way you can go about picking a fun theme is through one character. If you are a fan of ‘The Wizard of Oz, then base your party around Dorothy. You can have all the guests dress up as her character, serve snacks based on the location of her house, and so on. 

 Pick a Time Period

Another fun way to pick a theme is to base it on the time period. A film from this decade might make for an interesting theme, or you could go back to the sixties, seventies, eighties – any decade really! You can choose one movie from a particular year and do a party around it. 

Have an Amazing Menu for Your Party

Having amazing snacks, drinks, and desserts is what really makes movie-watching parties awesome. Here are some awesome ideas.

Get the Right Popcorn Machine

There is nothing better than snuggling up to watch movies with a big bowl of popcorn. Make sure you get yourself the right popcorn machine, like one that uses hot air (and not oil) because it will allow you to make healthier snacks without sacrificing the taste. Make sure your guests get their own bowls and fill them up! 

Variety is Key

Don’t just serve salty snacks – have sweet ones too! The variety here is key so everyone can find something they love. Think about pizza, nachos, candy, pretzels…having all these options ensures that your guests get to eat delicious food throughout the night. 

Make Awesome Desserts

There’s nothing better than ending a meal with something sweet and delicious, so make sure you have some great desserts up your sleeves. Think about making ice cream sundaes and other great frozen treats! There’s no such thing as too much sugar during a movie, so go all out! 

Have Comfortable Seating

Having comfortable seating for your guests is key. The best movie-watching party will have everyone lounging on the floor with their pillows and blankets. For added convenience, put cushions on the floor. This way your guests can lean against them and still have a great view of the screen. 

Movie-watching parties are great because they bring people together to chat, laugh at references, and bond over their love of the silver screen. Hook up your projector, plate up some delicious treats, and get ready for an epic movie-watching party! 


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