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Important Things To Consider When Choosing A Painting Contractor

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So many of the decisions we make on a daily basis have financial implications. They can be anything from identifying the valuables in your jewellery box to booking a holiday. It’s the same thing when you need to choose a painting contractor: you’ll want to find someone who is reliable, professional and competitive because anything else could cost you money unnecessarily.

Perhaps you are currently in need of a painter but don’t know what to look for. If so, this article will fill in the blanks on what you need to consider before you choose.

Read Their Website

A good way to learn more about a company is by going on their business website. This information could include what types of jobs they specialize in, for instance, commercial or residential properties. You may also discover how long ago they started – if it was several years ago they must be doing something right to still be in business! It’s also wise to find out where their office is located, in case you need to make follow-up visits concerning the quality of their work.

London is a busy capital city and it’s a central point for everything from business to the arts and fine dining. If you need a decorator in West London you can often request quotes online, view the areas they cover and find map directions to their offices. By accessing the internet you can find help with retail and shop decorating, office painting and decorating or even assistance with heritage and grade listed buildings.

Check The Reviews

You may have friends or colleagues who can connect you to a good painting company. Their comments could prove invaluable and you may even be able to view their handiwork. Another thing that might be helpful to do is look at their online reviews and testimonials. You can usually find these on a Google or Yelp search, and you should take the time to read before contacting them for an estimate. There may also be customer reviews you can read on their website or Facebook pages.

Checkatrade is a website that contains third-party reviews for a number of home improvement service providers. The site is free to join and you can add your own review after the job has been completed, or read others’ before deciding who to hire. If a person has only recently set out in business they may not yet have any online reviews from previous clients. In that case, you should request written references as a safeguard. Previous clients have nothing to lose by being honest so if they give poor ratings, you may want to reconsider hiring the company and search elsewhere.

Get Several Quotes

Never go for the first painter you meet, even if they seem pleasant and trustworthy. When looking for a painting contractor, get several quotes before you choose. It’s well worth getting price comparisons from different companies so that you can see what is a fair indication of the price. Make sure the quotes are in writing and are not simply verbal. Otherwise, you could become vulnerable if the painter later changes their price because the task takes longer than expected.

Check for hidden costs and request fully itemized quotes. They should set out the labour and material fees, including VAT (Value Added Tax). There may be a discount you can gain by paying by cash or upfront, but this could reduce their motivation to complete the work. Never pay by the day as any overrun could mean you go beyond your original budget.

Ask About Availability

If you want the work to be finished promptly, it is important that you ask about timescales. How long will each stage of the job take and how soon can they start? What times are most convenient for them to begin working on-site at your property? It’s also worth asking how often their team members come out to assess the progress or to carry out any other tasks required during this time.

There should always be a waiting list for quality painters. After all, if someone is free to begin tomorrow, why aren’t they working somewhere else? There may be deadlines that need to be followed, for instance before a planned holiday or Christmas. The last thing you’ll want is them to be juggling other jobs and leaving your rooms half-finished for longer than necessary.

Ask About Warranties And Guarantees

A warranty is an agreement between you and the painting contractor that if something goes wrong the painters will come back to fix it.

The work should be guaranteed for a number of years, and you may be safer dealing with a company rather than an individual in this regard.


Whilst your home or office is being decorated, it is essential that safety is maintained for both yourself and the painters.

This is even more important when the task involves working at heights. It may be that you need to discuss the use of scaffolding which would increase your bill but reduce the risks of accidents occurring.

Painting Methods

There are many different ways of painting walls and ceilings, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The most common methods used include: brushing (with a roller for larger areas), spraying (using an airless spray gun) or dipping. In addition to these traditional applications, there is also a drywall joint compound which if applied correctly can produce excellent results as well as being cost-effective.

Choosing which method you want your painter to use will depend on how much prep work needs doing beforehand. This could involve sanding back the ceiling before applying primer or removing doors etc prior to starting work so that they don’t get in the way.

Once you’ve covered all the bases, you will be well-placed to find the most suitable painter for your needs. You can then sit back and relax while they enhance the appearance of your property. Whilst you’ll need to be prepared to spend money and experience personal inconvenience, the results will make it more than worthwhile.



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