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Keeping Your New Business Premises Secure: Here’s How Entrepreneurs

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Your business premises are the heart of your company. Whether you have opted for open-space offices that promote collaboration and creativity or you need streamlined warehouses for your logistics company, the building you buy can make all the difference. 

And, once you have found the perfect property to see your business expand and thrive, it is vital to secure the premises. After all, real estate can represent one of the most significant investments you’ll make while managing your business – that’s why property damage can compromise your finances and chances of success. Here are a few strategies to put in place today.

Think Cybersecurity

Data loss and theft incidents have spiked during the Covid-19 pandemic, adding up to billions lost by US businesses alone. Other issues – including phishing scams, ransomware incidents, and identity theft – are just as damaging. 

And, since businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on technology, damage and losses related to cybersecurity incidents will continue to increase. There are several steps that you can take to secure assets such as data and IT structure. Using firewalls, cloud systems, access control systems, and data backup strategies can help. 

Install Physical Security Systems

Undeniably, cyber security is essential – but you should not underestimate the importance of a well-crafted physical security system. CCTV cameras and alarms can help you keep an eye on what’s going on in your premises and out, deter offenders, and understand the dynamics of an incident. 

Practice Access Control

While no entrepreneurs want to believe that their employees are behind theft incidents and losses, 75% of US businesses fall victim to employee crime. 

For some businesses, a no-trust policy might work. But if you wish to avoid this mindset, you should at least consider implementing access control features. From badges to multi-factor authorization systems, there are many tech strategies you can put in place to protect your employees, stakeholders, and business alike. 

Keep Compliant

Keeping compliant is essential to ensure that your business won’t have to face hefty fines. And, even more importantly, practices such as risk management and assessments, can help you better understand what are the threats looming over your company. In turn, this can help you protect your premises and employees alike. 

Don’t forget that each business premise is unique. For some offices, it is enough to assess the safety and efficiency of electrical plugs to be compliant. For other business premises, entrepreneurs will need to review the safety and functioning of machinery, tools, and spaces. 

Invest in the Right Insurance Coverage

Your business premises are the place where all the magic happens. And, of course, it is the place where most of your employees will spend most of their day. Because of this, it is important to protect the physical environment in the best way you can. 

And yet, some incidents might be caused by factors out of your control or natural disasters. In this case, a comprehensive insurance policy is what can help you recover from the financial damage of such an incident. Make sure to find an insurer and public adjuster that can help you gain the peace of mind you deserve and make the most of your claims. 

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