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Key Men’s Fashion Trends for Winter 2021

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Most men find it difficult to be fashionable in the summer months. When the temperature is high and the humidity is higher, the last thing most men want to do is layer their shirts and jackets to create a stylish look.

Fortunately, this year’s warm season is coming to a close, and the fall and winter months are giving men more opportunity to showcase their fashionable clothes. Here are the men’s style trends to watch for or wear in the upcoming season.


Just as women’s winter fashion is turning to warm, cheery colors like peach and rose, men’s winter fashion is getting a much-needed infusion of color with an almost overwhelming amount of bright, cherry red. Men can wear red anywhere this season, from shirts to coats to shoes and even full suits of vibrant vermillion. Men’s fashion isn’t usually colorful, but the pops of red seen on runways and red carpets over the past year could foreshadow a changing tide, and more bright colors could be in men’s fashion future.


There’s no soft shearling or fuzzy fur coats in the cards for men this season. Instead, haute couture is using heavy-duty leather, usually dyed black, as outerwear. Most leather coats from top designers are cut long and have statement finishes, like oversized buttons or wide lapels. The beauty of a heavy leather coat is that it will last a lifetime if properly cared for, so even though leather is a steep investment, it will pay off this season and for many seasons to come.


Those plugged into the fashion world will hardly be surprised to see more men wearing skirts over the coming months. As society continues to question the fashion lines between genders, designers are pushing looks with skirts, kilts, tunics, tabards and other long, flowing garments for men. Those eager to push the fashion envelope might consider layering an extra-long shirt over trousers or investing in a pleated skirt to pair with a blazer and boots. Confidence is the key to pulling off a masculine skirt look, and more and more men are equipping themselves with the appropriate poise.


As the world drifts farther away from starkly formal events, fewer designers are willing to put forward the typical starched poplin shirt, which is too stiff and uncomfortable for casual everyday life. Instead, men get to look forward to wearing more knits. Men’s sweaters are very much in style, from plush and chunky to soft and light. They can have collars, like knit polos, or they can have turtle- or mock necks. They can come in bright, showy colors, or they can be more neutral in tone. Essentially, there is no wrong way to wear a knit this winter.


Blame gen-Z for rediscovering Chandler’s fashion on “Friends,” but the fact is that men’s vests are back. On this year’s runways, everything from knit sweater vests to puffer vests to denim vests to suit vests made an appearance, so men should consider buying a few vests for their wardrobe this winter. Vests can be worn with or without a shirt, and any type of shirt underneath will do. However, cozy and comfy tend to be a bit more chic than buttoned-up, so softer fabrics all around are most appropriate.


Since the pandemic, men haven’t had much need for large messenger bags or massive briefcases. Still, men need the option to accessorize, so designers have pushed a different type of man bag: teeny tiny crossbody bags. These small bags can’t hold much more than a wallet and a phone, and many could easily be confused with a small camera case or even a large lanyard. Because so much of men’s fashion is moving away from functional pants and jackets, having a small bag to carry keys and other essentials is helpful.

Men’s fashion is finally starting to do something different, giving men everywhere more opportunities to express themselves with their wardrobe. This winter, men can invest in high-fashion statement pieces while staying warm and comfortable during their holiday events.


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