Making Promotional Gear Customers Will Actually Want

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Have you ever been to a business show and got some promotional gear from the brands you like, but found you would never use or wear them? This is so commonplace and yet many brands don’t do anything about it. It just reeks of promotional gear being an afterthought, not much care was put in place and it was just to try and get customers to pay attention in order to win or be given promotional gear. And guess what? Customers will remember a company that makes great promotional gear that they like and use. That’s the entire point, to try and remain in their mind’s eye by making gear they actually are impressed with.

Custom-made t-shirts

Clothing items are always a good hit with customers. For one thing, they can use them for their fashion or they can wear them around the house for comfort. Another reason it’s good is that it can be a physical reminder of your brand which is always more effective as a real-world tangible item sticks in our minds more. Making unique clothing using Heat Transfer Vinyl products could be the best way to go. You can print your own logo, designs and color themes to suit your brand. Not to mention, if you have a heat press at a show, you can print the names of customers onto their own t-shirt to add a little more personalization.

Portable mugs

What can impress your customers more with promotional equipment than a portable mug? This is something they can use, it’s practical and it will keep you in their mind for a long time. The longer a customer is aware of your brand and they think about you almost on a daily basis, the more you are likely to become their first brand of choice. So if you sell phone cases, and you create a unique phone case for a customer at a show, they will be looking at your brand name daily. When they upgrade and buy a new phone your name will be the first that pops into their mind when considering a new phone case. A portable mug is great for doing this.

Pens always work

The most basic and yet probably one of the most effective promotional products is the humble pen. This is great because it’s easy to make, easy to brand and it will be useful to your customers sooner or later. You don’t want to make a simple pen though, otherwise, it will just be thrown into the pencil holder at home and forgotten about. You want to make it special, by having a great color scheme, good materials and a high-quality point. You can also have pens with writing on them which can be used to display contact details, a funny slogan or a competition code.

Promotional gear doesn’t have to be generic, which is throw-away worthy. Make it unique, invest in it and try to make it unique for each customer possible. 



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