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Manifesting Luck and Happiness into Your SO’s Life

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What is the best present you could give to your significant other? Before the coronavirus pandemic, the typical answers would include a mixture of material gifts and experiences. However, the pandemic has contributed to a significant shift in priorities. Nowadays, the ideal present needs to manifest happiness. Indeed, after spending the best part of 2020 self-isolating, working from home, and reducing social contacts, our mental health has been considerably affected. People need to find a way back to creating a positive mindset shift that will boost happiness and overall feel-good mood. With this in mind, we review some of the best ideas to invite luck and happiness into your SO’s life with a unique gift, depending on their style, preference, and personality. 

The gift of relaxation

We are our biggest bullies. Indeed, if your SO is prone to anxiety or high stress, they will be unable to appreciate any gift that doesn’t promote relaxation. Your main focus is to encourage them to relax and unwind so that they can make room in their mind for happiness. Not everyone enjoys the same kind of relaxation. However, a luxury spa day could work wonders for your stressed-out partner. The options are endless, from preparing a hot scented bath where they can soak in and feel the tension leave their body to inviting them to a hot stone massage done by a professional. 

A sacred and unique stone/crystal

Someone who appreciates and understands the power of crystals and stones can find unique happiness with these good luck enhancers. Feng Shui and reiki connoisseurs often already have a collection of stones at home. It is not uncommon to spot a deep purple Amethyst on their shelves or a pale baby blue Celestine crystal in the bedroom. The Amethyst activates good luck and can be placed around the home to prosperity, health, academic success, and love. The Celestine crystal opens up the communication ways with heaven. You can enhance your SO’s happiness with a white buffalo turquoise stone, which increases both luck and joy. 

A simple but meaningful homemade gift

Reminders that you are here for each other and think of them can be the best of presents. A romantic soul will find joy and comfort in a handmade present they can keep at home. Cutting out the lyrics of a meaningful song or poem in the shape of a tree where you can hang hearts with both your name is a thoughtful creation that will warm their soul. You can also turn your favorite couple’s photos into homemade coasters. 

Take them to a unique culinary experience 

After a year of eating in and ordering takeaways, your SO is probably craving an exciting restaurant date. Why not take them to one of the best restaurants in town? Michelin-star restaurants offer a unique experience that takes your senses through a journey. Every single dish is carefully designed to unlock new emotions when you see, smell, and taste it. As a date, it’s the occasion to make new memories and discover new flavors. Did you know that the brain remembers food-related memories much better than any other? Give your SO the gift of unforgettable memories. 

In conclusion, everybody manifests happiness differently. Your significant other will love a thoughtful gift that acts as a mood booster. What will you choose? 


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