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One Shoulder Dresses

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The oddity of one shoulder dresses lies in their symmetry or lack thereof. As there isn’t a traditional uniform pattern that the design of the cloth follows, if you hadn’t seen a one-shoulder dress before and were told about it, chances are you’d dismiss it as a bad idea. This is because the symmetry of clothes is usually correlated with their being aesthetically pleasing. 

But as we are taught by logic, correlation does not imply causation, and while symmetry can be aesthetically pleasing, breaking the barriers of conventional aesthetics can also result in beautiful works of art. 

The one shoulder dress is the perfect example of why taking risks and breaking conventions can pay off. Its lack of strap on one shoulder and slanting front of the dress make it very unique and eccentric. 

However, the amount of options present in the market are just too many for one mere mortal to go through alone. Choosing the right dress can be a daunting task, especially if you just can’t find something that completely fulfills your needs. 

A such, we have put together a list of some of the most beautiful one shoulder dresses we could find, so that you can skip the hassle of looking and get to buying dresses that will liven up your wardrobe. 

Teal Rib One Shoulder Dress 

Designed and available by the brand Misguided, this One shoulder dress is a guaranteed eye-catcher, and is sure to be a perfect addition to your wardrobe. 

It is the perfect dress for casual events, that will ensure not only that you look gorgeous at normal parties, but also give an air of sui generis that will certify you standing out from the crowd. The belted waist adds another layer of personality to it. 

It will cost you €28, so it is also a cost-effective option if you’re looking for a one shoulder dress. 

Ribbon One Shoulder Dress. 

This unique piece from Stelly, located in Australia, is another worthwhile addition to your list if you’re looking for a one shoulder dress. 

The black color and slit of the dress add to its aesthetic value, but the piece de resistance is the little ribbon on the shoulder, giving it a distinctive appearance from any other one shoulder dress you’ll see. 

It is available for 75 AUD or around $56, and the quality fabric and design are worth the cost.

Braided Neck One Shoulder Dress

A product of Studio East 6, this one shoulder dress is the most vibrant option for your wardrobe that you will come across today. 

The flashy shade of orange, pleats and braided choker-style neck all come together in one gorgeous combination, resulting in an exquisite piece of fabric that would be a stellar addition to your wardrobe.   

This piece is, however, a rather expensive one. It is worth $265, which may seem excessive for one dress. But when you factor in the idiosyncratic design and high quality of the fabric, it becomes apparent that the dress is worth the price.

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