Road Safety Tips: How To Avoid The Most Common Causes Of Accidents

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It can be terrifying to find yourself in the middle of an accident. It’s hard to know what to do when you see someone else on the road who needs help because there are so many things at play – how fast is traffic, will they stop for you, where are you? The first step is always safety, the faster you’re out of harm’s way, the easier it’ll be to think. If you’re able to drive off safely, do that – but if not, try these tips for staying safe and out of harm’s way. 

Fasten Your Seatbelt

Not fastening your seatbelt can put you in more danger than most other things. A lot of people think it’s only necessary to buckle if they’re driving on the highway – but any time you’re in a car, you should be wearing one. Most accidents happen at low speeds, but if your car flips or rolls, that could be the difference between walking away with just a few bruises and being in intensive care. Out of all car accident cases that attorneys work on, the most severe ones usually have to do with someone not having their seatbelt on. So, wearing a seatbelt is not necessarily an accident prevention tactic, but a death prevention tactic. 

Don’t Drive Distracted

Distractions are everywhere – everything from eating to fiddling with your radio, to putting on makeup while you’re driving. All of these things are just distractions that can keep you from being fully aware of what’s happening around you on the road. Make sure your phone is out of sight and not open so you don’t even want to reach for it when you see a text come in, or order food at a drive-thru instead of going through the window yourself. It takes less time for someone else to bring it to your car, anyway! 

Put Your Phone Away

This is more for if you are driving because distracted driving is the number one cause of car accidents. It’s very hard to focus on what’s happening on the road when you’re also processing phone calls, text messages, social media updates, and emails. Oftentimes people try to multitask by doing all of these things at once – but that just makes everything worse. If you’re going to try and talk on the phone, pull over into a parking lot or somewhere where you’ll be able to park and focus on the conversation. 

Don’t Drink And Drive

Another huge cause of accidents is driving while intoxicated. It’s illegal in most places, but that doesn’t stop people from getting behind the wheel when they’ve had too much to drink. If you’re planning on having even one alcoholic beverage, make sure you’re not driving for at least an hour after finishing it. Otherwise, leave your car at home and take a cab or call for an Uber. This also means that you should stay away from drugs as well, as they might have the same effect. 

Slow Down And Stay Alert

It’s easy to get caught up in how fast things are moving when driving because of how quickly you’re able to get places. However, the faster you’re driving, the more likely it is for you to hit something, whether it’s another car or a deer that jumps across your path. Keep your eyes peeled on the road and be aware of what’s happening around you – if anything looks suspicious or dangerous, err on the side of caution by slowing down. 

If An Accident Does Happen

Once you’re out of harm’s way, the best thing to do is try to stay calm. Sometimes, this is easier said than done – but keeping your cool will allow you to remember important details you might otherwise forget if you were too shaken up. Taking notes or pictures is also helpful so that you can give law enforcement officers as much information as possible when reporting the accident. It can be scary to get into an accident, but hopefully, these tips help make it less terrifying.

While it may be scary to get into an accident, taking the necessary precautions beforehand can make it much less terrifying, and prevent an accident altogether. Make sure you are always wearing your seatbelt, don’t drive distracted, put your phone away while driving, don’t drink and drive, don’t drive under the influence of drugs, slow down and stay alert to what’s happening around you on the road, and if an accident does happen, try to remain calm so that you can gather all of the relevant information.

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