The Importance Of Early Breast Cancer Detection: 6 Things To Know

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The sooner we can identify breast cancer early on, the better chance we have at keeping it from spreading. That is why so many people are getting mammograms and other types of screenings to check for possible signs of cancer. In this blog post, we want to talk about six things all women should know about early breast cancer detection.

Mammograms Are 100% Accurate

In most cases, a mammogram can detect breast cancer before any symptoms appear. This is why it is so important that all women over the age of 40 get regular screenings to check for possible signs of tumors or other abnormalities in their breasts. The catch? We don’t recommend self-exams as an alternative to diagnostic screening tests like mammograms at a breast cancer center in Beverly Hills. At best they are only accurate about 25% of the time and at worst they cause you unnecessary worry without telling you whether or not there’s a tumor present in your body. So stick with what we know works when it comes to early detection – yearly mammograms!

There Are Four Stages Of Breast Cancer

Did you know that there are four stages of breast cancer? These include Stage 0 (noninvasive), Stage I, II, and III (invasive). You can find out more about these stages by checking out our article on the topic. But here’s what you need to remember: if caught early enough, non-invasiveness means it is much easier for doctors to treat your condition successfully without surgery or chemotherapy! So don’t be afraid to get screened at regular intervals – even if nothing seems wrong with your breasts.

The sooner breast cancer is detected, the better chance you have at beating it. Make sure to get regular mammograms and other screenings if you are over 40 years old – even if everything seems fine! We’ll be able to tell your doctor whether or not we see anything unusual in your breasts before they do so that we can start treatment as soon as possible. This way we can keep invasive tumors from spreading throughout the rest of your body and causing further damage.

Breast Cancer Can Be Detected In Different Ways

In addition to mammograms, there are several other ways you can check for possible signs of breast cancer. These include ultrasounds and MRI imaging tests as well as physical exams from a doctor – although self-exams aren’t very effective on their own. But don’t forget: it’s always best to go with what we know works when it comes to early detection – the aforementioned diagnostic screening tests! While these may seem inconvenient or expensive, they will give your doctors a good idea of whether or not something is wrong in your breasts before surgery ever becomes necessary. That being said, if an abnormality does present itself during one of those screenings then further testing might be called for such as another type of image test or biopsy. 

More Common In Women Than Men

Did you know that around 12% of women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime? That’s a pretty staggering statistic, but it also means that if you are a woman then your chances of developing this type of tumor is much higher. The good news – there are so many different types out there and they can vary from one individual to the next! If we remove all non-invasive tumors without doing surgery or chemo, 95% of patients have something called “estrogen receptor-positive” meaning they respond well to hormone therapy alone. But keep in mind: this treatment doesn’t work for everyone so don’t rule anything out until after consulting your doctor! Instead, just make sure you get checked out regularly and follow your doctor’s advice.

Cases Are Increasing In Developed Countries

Did you know that breast cancer cases are increasing in developed countries? It’s true! While this is a relatively new phenomenon, it isn’t quite fully understood just yet. The good news: there might be ways to help prevent some of these tumors from developing by eating healthier and getting more exercise regularly while also avoiding dangerous toxins like cigarette smoke and pollutants in the air. So don’t forget to take care of yourself when possible – what we do now can have an effect later down the road so try your best for prevention! And always consult with your doctor before making any lifestyle changes or adjustments since they will have all of the latest information about things such as proper dieting/exercise regimens.

Breast Cancer Cells Can Spread To Other Organs

It’s important to remember that breast cancer cells can spread to other organs if they are not treated in time. If you’d like, take a minute to imagine your body as an apartment building with the tumor being the “tenant.” In this case, it is more than happy living inside of its suite within your breasts since there isn’t any reason for it not to be! But let’s say all of a sudden another tenant moves into one of those empty suites and starts causing problems – he’ll want the first guy out! That’s what happens when breast cancer spreads: healthy tissue around tumors may become sick or fall victim due to further mutations. This is why detection is so important because we can help prevent the spread of these cells before it is too late.

So there you have our six important facts about breast cancer detection! Remember: if something seems wrong, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with your doctor – early diagnosis can be the key difference between life and death in some cases so do not delay treatment any longer than necessary!


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