These Stylish Lunch Bags Are Going To Make You Look Amazing

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 As a young child, you probably thought carrying a lunchbox to school was the most natural thing in the world. Later on in your education, you might have abandoned the tin or plastic boxes for the nondescript brown paper bag. Now, as an adult, it’s time to embrace stylish lunch containers once again.

 Lunch bags are a fantastic way to bring food to work and look good doing it. Not only are most modern lunch bags sleek and stylish, but they also serve the practical benefit of keeping your hot meals warm and your cold meals cool. Such an opportunity to marry fashion with pragmatism can’t be overlooked. 

 Choosing the right lunch bag is all about considering your style and your typical habits. Whether you’re into bold designs that make a statement or simpler patterns that fly under the radar, you’ll have no problem finding the product that’s right for you. Here are seven excellent lunch bags to consider as you start your search.

PackIt Hampton Lunch Bag

 While the cute pattern is what immediately draws the eye, this bag’s practical features are just as valuable. The freezable gel built into the sides allows you to keep your lunch cold until you’re ready to eat it. The long strap, meanwhile, makes it easier to carry the bag on your commute to work.

The Luncher From Modern Picnic

 For a higher-end option that puts your lunch into the realm of high fashion, you can’t go wrong with this stylish product from Modern Picnic. The high-end leather exterior gives the band a purse-like appearance, and it will successfully bring the best out of almost any outfit. Available in a range of soft colors, the Luncher has been in high demand for years. Once you have one for yourself, you’ll understand why.

Rubbermaid LunchBlox

 A truly unique product from a respected brand, the Rubbermaid LunchBlox allows you to protect your lunch without breaking the bank. The adjustable handle makes it perfect for commuters of all sizes and proportions. The practical rectangular shape, meanwhile, does justice to the product’s block-like name. There’s a reason the Lunch Blox has long been the premier low-budget option for toting lunch to work. 

Baloray Insulated Lunch Bag

 This is another wonderful option for women who want their lunch bags to look like purses. The handbag shape creates a nice aesthetic, while the variety of patterns available ensures you’ll find a product that matches your style. The Boloray bag is also far from impractical, with the insulation keeping your food at the desired temperature for up to four hours. This is a superior product that seamlessly conjoins fashion and practicality. 

Vagreez Insulated Lunch Bag

 For a simple lunch bag of surprisingly high quality, this product from Vagreez is as good as it gets. The bag’s practicality is its biggest draw, with the surface easy to clean and the wedge-like shape making it convenient to store. It’ unique appearance also makes it surprisingly attractive, giving it a futuristic look that fits a modern aesthetic.

Vera Bradley Signature Cotton Lunch Bag

 Fans of Vera Bradley will be pleased to learn that the famous brand counts a stylish, practical lunch bag among its signature offerings. The bag is available in numerous pastel colors and floral patterns, all embodying the unique aesthetic of the brand. The polyester interior contains a little flap for stashing ice packs, making it a great bag for keeping your food cool.

CZYY Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag

 For a practical lunch bag that makes a truly unique statement, you can’t go wrong with this product from CXYY. The waxy brown exterior makes it look almost identical to the paper bags so popular in high schools, and yet its reusable nature makes it environmentally friendly. 

Conclusion: Make Lunch Your Snazziest Accessory

 A true fashionista never lets a golden opportunity go to waste. If you’re going to bring lunch out anyway, there’s no reason not to carry it in a stylish accessory. The lunch bags listed above combine neat aesthetics with practical features. Any of them will allow you to enjoy delicious meals and look your best while doing it.

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