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Top Questions to ask yourself before Ticking on a Home Renovation Project

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Owning a house is no mean feat. It calls for financial as well as physical responsibility as well as a mental commitment to its upkeep. With changing trends, newer styles and decor ideas popping in your head from time to time—renovation always seems like a viable option.

Despite all that hype and interest around renovating a home, it is understood that renovating a home is also a costly and timer-taking affair. When toying with the idea of renovating your home—consider a few things before actually going for the same. Unless you plan to sell your house and want to revamp it to up the value—you need to ask yourself these questions first!

Ask yourself what the needs are?

  • If you plan to stay in your home, without any plans to sell, then decide on whether the revamp will actually add more convenience to your home. Simply ripping through parts of the house and investing in decor might not be a clever idea. 
  • There, of course can be a valid need for a bigger kitchen, a better bathroom and a new study area—that seem justifiable with a home renovation project. The truth is—renovations are not even needed for these “needs.” 
  • You can simply use your basement more effectively. Simply re-position some living area furniture to find space for a cozy study nook. DIY projects too can help. Research on the internet before planning to spend a huge sum on complete renovation!

Are you just falling for a trend?

Simply being blinded by a latest trend might make you want to revamp your home right away. This however, turns out to be a crazy idea with no real value to the same. You need to simply understand that incorporating every new trend is not a practical way to go ahead with. If you want to add some spunk to the decor, invest in statement furniture or decor centerpieces. However, knowing where to draw the line is essential here.

Did you frame a strategy?

  • Even if you think your house needs a complete renovation—simply having a rough plan in mind isn’t viable. You need to have a clear strategy and blueprint in mind so that you can liaise with an architect. This helps you stay on top of the planned renovation while simply consulting an architect to give you a rough plan. 
  • You can indeed save a few bucks by not seeking design consultation at all. There are lots of online consultations available as well that work best if you have a clear strategy in mind. Do consider the types of materials you want to use and their relevance to your region and style as well.

Do you have a budget to match?

Planning a home renovation project might be interesting and inspire you to shatter design idealism. Quirky revamp is a hot trend but then, you need to consider your budget simultaneously as well. Unless you tune the design aspect with the budget, you end up sinking into debt. This is because; going overboard is easier than you anticipate. Research on the materials and construction stuff you need. Make comparisons and look around before sealing in on one!


A home might look boring to its residents with time, but that in no way signifies the need to renovate the same, smaller DIY projects, decor hauls, changes in furniture placement or even paint modifications—can all uplift the look and feel of a house. so much—without the need to invest a huge sum either!

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